joe beddia

Joe Beddia preps dough for his pizzas at the original Pizzeria Beddia in Fishtown, Philadelphia, in this file photo. 

A Philadelphia pizza restaurant owned by a Lancaster native and Hempfield High School grad has made another best-of list by a national magazine.

Earlier this week, Pizzeria Beddia, operated by 1995 Hempfield grad Joe Beddia, was one of 50 nominees for best new restaurant in the country, listed by Bon Appetit magazine.

The “Hot 10” new restaurants — the winners from that Bon Appetit nominations list — will be announced Tuesday.

In March Beddia, author of the cookbook “Pizza Camp,” reopened his Pizzeria Beddia on North Lee Street, a few blocks from his original take-out pizza shop. His former East Girard Avenue location, which produced what Bon Appetit called the best pizza in the country in 2015, closed in spring of 2018.

The new eatery that has again caught the eye of the Bon Appetit staff has an expanded menu, a list of natural wines and cocktails, table reservations and a staff to help cook the pizza. Beddia also has partners in the business.

"Pizza saint Joe Beddia’s expanded digs live up to the hype," the Bon Appetit staff says in its nomination list.

In August, Time magazine named Pizzeria Beddia one of the world’s best places to eat.

The varied 16-inch pizzas you might find on Beddia's menu incorporate such ingredients as dandelion greens, spicy arrabiata and New Jersey peaches.

Beddia opened his 300-square-foot shop on East Girard Avenue in Philadelphia in 2013, making and selling 40 sought-after pizzas a day.

He had previously been a home brewer, worked at Stoudts Brewing in Adamstown and other breweries in Philadelphia and Japan and had worked in the Philly restaurant industry.