In addition to New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), a part of Lancaster was on Hersheypark's stage Saturday night.

The LA Allstars cheer squad performed on stage with the band for two songs, "Boys in the Band" and their signature 80s medley. 

Jodi Bard, co-owner of Lancaster Athletic Cheer and cheer coach for the LA Allstars, said that this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the girls.

Bard received an email from Bryan Beagles, a talent coordinator in Los Angeles, asking if the cheer squad wanted to perform at the concert.

NKOTB typically has cheerleaders on stage for a few of their songs; they've had football cheerleaders from the Eagles, the Cardinals and the Redskins, among others.

Bard said she replied to the email within minutes. The Lancaster Athletic Cheer Facebook page announced the performance shortly afterwards.

"It was really neat to experience," Bard said.

According to Melanie Haman Kurtz, the mom of one of the performers, the girls were incredibly excited to perform with - and meet - the members of NKOTB.

The LA Allstars team members who performed on stage with NKOTB were Hailee Kurtz, Alyssa Miller, Abby Pawelczyk, Karli Kiehl, Sydney Bauer, Kirsten Spicer, Jayla Williams, Olivia Hunt, Kayla Garland, Jazlyn Fahnestock, Hannah Shenberger, Kenzie Burke, Emma Macnamara, Emily Crumbling, Lauren Donnelly, Jordyn Shank and Molly Keller.

New Kids on the Block headlined the Mixtape festival, which also featured performances from Debbie Gibson, Salt-N-Pepa, Naughty by Nature and Tiffany.

Videos courtesy of Jodi Bard.