LIZ water bottle

The LIZ Smart Bottle.

CLEAN LIVING: It’s great that you’ve given up single-use plastic water bottles for a reusable one — but, if you’re not scrubbing it out on the regular (and even if you are), you might just be exchanging an environmental problem for a health issue.

"Bacteria can build up within the water bottle in a moist environment and nobody wants to drink bacteria-laden water," a gastroenterologist tells That means giving it a quick rinse with water isn’t enough.

Enter the LIZ bottle, funded through Indiegogo and with its first shipment scheduled for September. The “smart” insulated stainless-steel bottle uses built-in UV-C light sterilization to clean itself and the water inside; keeps your drink hot or cold; indicates the temperature of your beverage; and shares hydration reminders.

Price: $58 “early bird” special.

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