Teddy Bear hunt

Got a teddy bear lying around? Stick it in your window, as children are searching for stuffed bears on walks with their parents. 

As The New York Times reports, teddy bear hunts have provided wholesome, socially distant entertainment to parents and children from New Zealand to Japan.

They also have been a hit in parts of Lancaster County.

Now, the element of surprise is half the fun of a teddy bear hunt. But if you’re a parent who wants to guarantee spotting some bears on your afternoon family walk, you might want to do a little reconnaissance.

If taking a solo walk to map out a route is out of the question, consider checking your neighborhood Facebook or Nextdoor page.

Many kind neighbors have posted photos of bears in their front window to give parents a hint of where to take their family walk.

If you’re a neighbor who wishes to participate: simply place a teddy bear in your front window. No bear? Don’t lose your stuffing. Just print out a photo of a teddy bear — it still will count for kids on the hunt.

And while it’s called a “teddy bear hunt,” if you have only a different species of stuffed animal, it’s pretty likely it still will put a smile on little ones’ faces.

Check out the national bear hunt Facebook groups while you’re at it. Lancaster resident Nancy Basile posted a photo of printed bear pictures in her front window in the group “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt,” which has nearly 30,000 members.

The staff of Charles F. Snyder Funeral Homes & Crematory put its Charlie the Comfort Bear in the windows of the company’s funeral homes around the county, and Conestoga Valley School District posted photos of local bears in its region, too.

Happy hunting!

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