Holiday music

Fun 101.3 FM switched to holiday music earlier than ever, late Halloween night.

In 2020, we need a little Christmas.

Right this very minute.

At least that’s what people in charge of music channels think.

Fun 101.3 FM switched to holiday music earlier than ever, late Halloween night. SiriusXM already launched 14 holiday channels.

Last year, the Lancaster radio station WROZ switched to Christmas music Nov. 7. Billy Baldwin, vice president and general manager for Hall Communications Central Pennsylvania, had reservations about moving to holiday music so early. Hearing listeners say Christmas music is a comfort helped him make the decision, the station shared on social media.

The news had fans:

“YESSSSS!!!!! Thank you so much, this is much needed to this rough year!!!!” wrote Donna Zook on Facebook.

“Omg! My son will be so excited. He already asked me yesterday to put up the tree! ” writes Rainbow Moreland on Facebook.

And some people thought the switch was too soon:

“I take it one holiday at a time and will not listen until after Thanksgiving. Rushing the season is why people are sick of it when it comes around,” writes Dee Englehart on Facebook.

"Whatever happened to being thankful first? ” writes Sand Aberts White on Facebook.

It sounds like Christmas at these stations. The Hallmark Channel also got an early start on the holidays by launching its Christmas movies more than a week before Halloween.

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