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Alisa Jones, President and CEO of Lancaster Health Center, poses for the pictures in the front of the center in Lancaster on Friday, August 9, 2019.

After high school, Alisa Jones got a scholarship for vocational training to be a medical assistant — but instead quickly found her calling in public health.

“Many many people gave me many many opportunities,” said the 41-year-old Bausman resident, who became president and CEO of Lancaster Health Center in July.

She has about two decades of related experience in organizations located in San Diego, Delaware and then for the last seven years in Chester County at a smaller organization similar to the nonprofit she now leads.

Jones said her first job was after school and on weekends at her family’s in-home business, where they used industrial sewing machines to make products like racing kites, blouses and handbags.

She doesn’t have many applications for her industrial sewing skills lately, Jones says, but the lessons she learned were important — “hard work and getting it right and getting it right the first time, everybody doing their own part and doing their own part very well.”

Family: "Husband Errol Galloway, a 40-year-plus veteran of law enforcement, is semi-retired; son Luke goes to Thaddeus Stevens; and we have a 3-year-old cocker spaniel named Pete."

I want people to know: "About the fantastic work we do here in Lancaster Health Center. We are serving over 20,000 individuals and over 85,000 visits, and these are opportunities to engage a community of hardworking people who are contributing to making Lancaster a wonderful place.We serve them with high-quality medical and dental services, and there are more individuals that are in the city that we want to reach."

People might be surprised that: "I have nine siblings."

Three words that describe me: "Passionate, driven and fun."

My dream vacation: "Anywhere with a beach or blue water."

My favorite meal: "Anything I don’t have to cook myself."

My hobbies: "I love to read, and I’m very good at reading. I love to paint and I’m very bad at painting. My husband and I love to travel; we have about three more states to see in order to hit the 50 states in the U.S."

My faith: "God has worked miracles in my life, and I believe it’s part of what helps me connect to the humanness in other people."

Someone who helped me, and how: "I come from an immigrant family and my parents helped all of us to be people who are grounded in something bigger than ourselves and to understand that a life worth living is a life of service to others."