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From the winter 2020 edition of Balance magazine

I’ve always had more fun with fashion in the colder months. The added layers of coats and scarves provide more outlets to show off one’s personality. And I especially love how boots, a comfortable seasonal staple, can hang with chic dress clothes and casual weekend ensembles alike. 

Here are a few pieces pulled straight from my own closet that I find myself wearing over and over again this winter.

Faux fur coat

The faux fur life isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly for me. I’ve always been a lush for soft fabric – so much so, that my mother still cringes remembering me whine about certain clothing items being too itchy as a child. There’s no complaining with this luxurious faux fur, though. Giving friends and family hugs is instantly more fun when you feel like a giant teddy bear. And, thanks to this particular coat being waist-length, I find it’s more versatile than a longer fur coat. It adds pizazz to T-shirt and jeans, but I’ve also rocked it with a cocktail dress at a formal wedding. 

120519 Jenelle's Fashion shoes.jpg


There’s no winter staple more celebrated, or deserved of such celebration, than the humble boot. This season, I’ve been oscillating between my classic black Doc Martens and these cognac heeled beauties. I love that they’re lace-free, and therefore easy to get on and off. The heel adds lift to your look, but they’re chunky enough to be easy to walk in. It’s a magical thing to get comfort, durability and style in a single fashion investment. 

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Oversized scarf

There are some winter days when I can’t be bothered to put together a thoughtful outfit. Maybe a plain long-sleeve shirt, stretchy jeans and a messy bun on top of my head is all I can muster. On these days, I rely on my favorite giant scarf to tie the look together. This lavender infinity scarf purchased years ago on Etsy is my favorite. It hides most of my torso and distracts from whatever monstrosity my hair might be creating. Big scarves are a great sartorial focal point on days when you’d rather be reading a book in your Snuggie.

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I’m convinced that there’s no

better, effortless way to add chicness to an outfit than a good turtleneck. No matter your gender or age, a good-fitting turtleneck always looks sophisticated. Tuck it into jeans and it’s great with boots or sneakers. Wear it with dress pants to stay warm at the office. You can even tuck it into a mini skirt to balance out the skin shown on your legs. Plus, when Halloween rolls around, you’ll have a no-fuss Steve Jobs costume ready to go. 

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Thigh-high socks

For a long time, I thought my legs were simply too big to enjoy the thigh-high sock look. Then I discovered Sock Dreams, a Portland, Oregon-based company that makes thigh-high socks with quality, stretchy fabric that fits a curvy girl’s legs. These look cute with skirts and dresses, of course, but I prefer to wear them over yoga pants on bone-chilling days for extra warmth. They also serve as a much-welcomed extra layer under wide-leg pants to keep you warm despite that extra air flow. 

Watch for the spring issue of Balance on March 19.