MacKenzie Most, then 3,  pets a rabbit during the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg on Saturday, January 6, 2018, in this file photo. The 2021 Farm Show is virtual, and there are still plenty of programs geared toward kids. 

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is always a great learning opportunity for our area’s youth. There’s nothing like seeing livestock up close, being able to ask farmers questions and experiencing displays like the butterfly tent.

Things look a bit different this year, as the Farm Show is virtual. But that doesn’t mean the opportunities for learning stop.

While all Farm Show presentations are family-friendly, a few are created with young viewers especially in mind. Here are Farm Show events geared toward young viewers, running today through Saturday, when the Farm Show concludes. To watch, visit the Pennsylvania Farm Show Facebook page at or tune into the Pennsylvania Cable Network, unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, Jan. 12

— 8:30 a.m.: 4-H Demonstration: Archery

Sydney Brown, vice president of internal affairs for the 4-H State Council, will teach the parts of a compound bow and arrow, safety procedures and the proper use of archery equipment, in addition to range rules and the nine steps to shoot a bow.

— 10 a.m.: Calving Corner

The Calving Corner kicks off from Meadow Spring Farm in Ephrata Township, streaming live births all day. Watch at the Calving Corner’s YouTube page,

— 11 a.m.: Calving Corner Q&A

Learn more from the Bollinger family, who run Meadow Spring Farm and care for 475 cows and 700 acres of land in Lititz. Watch on the Calving Corner’s YouTube page.

— Noon: Kitchen Kids: Flatbread Mushroom Pizza

Gale Ferranto, president of Buona Foods, and Alexander Ciarrocchi will lead kids in a cook-along presentation.

— Noon: Calving Corner: Sustainability on Dairy Farms

Learn about the sustainable practices of Meadow Spring Farms on the Calving Corner’s YouTube page.

— 1 p.m.: Calving Corner: Behind the Scenes Look at the Milking Parlor

See where the Meadow Spring Farm cows get milked on the Calving Corner’s YouTube page.

— 2:30 p.m.: Fun with Plants: Make a Light Maze

Older kids may enjoy learning about phototropism, the movement of a plant in response to light. This presentation leads viewers using this movement in a DIY plant maze.

— 3 p.m.: Calving Corner: What Do Cows Eat?

Learn all about a cow’s diet on the Calving Corner’s YouTube page.

— 4 p.m.: Calving Corner: Calf Care 101

Learn how the Bollingers take care of their 475 cows on the Calving Corner’s YouTube page.

— 5 p.m.: Calving Corner Q&A

The Bollingers return on the Calving Corner’s YouTube page to answer questions.

— 7 p.m.: Goodnight Story, “Pigs”

Kathy Hale, librarian at the State Library of Pennsylvania, reads “Pigs.”

Wednesday, Jan. 13

— 8:30 a.m.: 4-H Demonstration: Livestock

4-H State Council’s Amanda Hollabaugh, vice president of events, will help viewers explore the process of raising a steer.

— 10 a.m.: Color Explosion, Making Butter and Engineer a Farm Workshops

Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts teams up with the Calving Corner to livestream STEM workshops. Assemble a kit at home to join the fun on the Calving Corner’s YouTube page.

— 11 a.m.: STEM Demonstration: Ice Cream in a Bag

Haley England of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture leads viewers on a quick and tasty experiment. See the recipe online at

— Noon: Kitchen Kids: Cheesy Quiche

Cook along with Kristin Johns, the 2020-21 Pennsylvania alternate dairy princess.

— 2:30 p.m.: Fun with Plants: Grow New Plants with Food Scraps

Learn how to reduce food waste by growing your favorite vegetables from cooking scraps.

— 3 p.m.: Rain to Drain — Slow the Flow

Kids can follow along with this hands-on activity about stormwater management. Register in advance at

— 7 p.m.: Goodnight Story, “We Are All Better Together”

Second lady of Pennsylvania Gisele Fetterman reads “We Are All Better Together.”

Thursday, Jan. 14

— 8 a.m.: Spotted Lanternfly Control: By Kids, For Kids

Hear a short story about the spotted lanternfly, written and illustrated by Pennsylvania students.

— 8:30 a.m.: 4-H Demonstration: Wildlife

Pennsylvania State 4-H Council secretary Laurie Enders will demonstrate animal calls, show how wildlife signs help display their behavior and more.

— 11 a.m.: STEM Demonstration: Color Explosion!

Luz Colon of the Governor’s Commission on Latino Affairs makes colors dance in a pool of milk with food coloring and dish soap.

— Noon: Kitchen Kids: Tex-Mex Meatballs

Patrick Andrews of the state Department of Agriculture and Basil Stonecatch leads kids in a cook-along presentation.

— 2:30 p.m.: Fun with Plants: Plant-Based Tie-Dye

Older kids may enjoy learning about how veggies like beets, parsley, spinach and carrots create tie-dyed clothing.

— 7 p.m.: Goodnight Story, “Milk to Ice Cream”

Kathy Hale returns to read “Milk to Ice Cream.”

Friday, Jan. 15

— 8:30 a.m.: 4-H Demonstration: Fiber Arts

4-H State Council reporter and historian Alyssa Neff will explore drop spindling, using angora rabbit fiber and more.

— 10 a.m.: Color Explosion, Making Butter and Engineer a Farm Workshop

Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts teams up with Calving Corner for this workshop. Watch on Calving Corner’s YouTube page.

— 11 a.m.: STEM Demonstration: Bouncy Eggs!

Learn how a chemical reaction can turn an egg into a bouncy ball.

— Noon: Kitchen Kids: Maple Whip

Landis Crawford, 2020 Northwest Pennsylvania Maple Association ambassador, leads kids in a cooking demonstration.

— 7 p.m.: Goodnight Story, “Benjamin Franklin”

Glenn Miller, Pennsylvania deputy secretary and commissioner of libraries, reads “Benjamin Franklin.”

Saturday, Jan. 16

— 8 a.m.: Family Forum: Common Challenges Facing Families with Young Children

This session is for parents, but we’re including it here in case Mom or Dad is reading. This Penn State Extension session highlights common challenges like biting and picky eaters. Register in advance at

— 8:30 a.m.: 4-H Demonstration: Horses

State 4-H Council vice president of operations Audrey Ferrie introduces us to her horse, Cooper, and demonstrates showmanship, preparation, maneuvers and a pattern.

 7 p.m.: Goodnight Story, “Let’s Visit a Dairy Farm”

Kathy Hale returns to read “Let’s Visit a Dairy Farm.”

Daily activities

 Various Pennsylvania residents will kick off programming each day with the national anthem at 7 a.m.

 Peek into the Beehive Cam daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at

 Check out a livestream from the Duckling Pond from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily at

Cooking Skool 

 Want more kid-friendly cooking content? Check out our Cooking Skool archives, in which LNP | LancasterOnline food writer Kim O’Donnel leads young cooks on a kitchen adventure. Check it out at

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