Finding your name on a Coke bottle this summer may be like a game of "Where's Waldo?"

Coca-Cola's summer marketing campaign, launched in June, has people searching through the soda displays at stores for their names emblazoned on bottles. The 20-ounce bottles sport the 250 most-popular names among teens and millennials, according to a press release from the company.

The website gives consumers the option to create a virtual bottle, see the list of available names in stores, find the locations of the "Share a Coke" tour stops (where people can customize a mini can for themselves) and also the opportunity to share photos of their cans (virtual or real) on social media.

For those whose names were not printed, there is also a line of cans that include nicknames, such as "BFF," "Star," "Bestie," "Grillmaster" or "Legend."

Personally, I’ve always had to special-order name-related things as a child. Imagine my surprise when I found my name is out there on store shelves somewhere.

Now I just have to locate it.

Let us know if you have found your name yet.

Claudia W. Esbenshade is a features reporter for the Lifestyle section and columnist of Crafting 101. She is also the editor of Freestyle. She can be reached at or (717) 291-2994. You can also follow @LancLifestyle on Twitter.