This summer you can share your cat-cow yoga poses with 14 bouncing baby goats.

The Amish Farm and Home will host goat yoga classes through August. The early sessions have been popular enough to sell-out.

The tourist site’s classes started last year with Ellie, a baby goat with an underdeveloped leg. When Ellie’s mother rejected her, animal caretaker Mikayla Horst brought the kid home to bottle-feed. While most goats start walking within hours, it took Ellie two days to learn to stand, with the help of a hot pink brace. She’s soon was running and playing, with a slight limp.

Horst and Jamie Burkhart, the site’s social media/events coordinator, wondered if they could share the cuteness of Ellie and the other baby goats who love to climb and jump.

So they recruited yoga teachers and scheduled yoga sessions that sold-out quickly.

The classes start by choosing a few people to carry the kids from the barn to the outdoor yoga studio. During the class, the goats climb, jump and cuddle with people and sometimes fall asleep.

Horst and Burkhart decided to offer the classes in 2019 because last year was such a success, Burkhart says. Throughout the winter, people contacted the business asking when there would be more goat yoga.

This year’s class of baby pygmy goats include two sets of quadruplets: Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Hawk; and Katie, Kennedy, Riley and Rhodey; triplets Peter, Paul and Paisley, twins Tiger and Johnny plus Sunny.

Amish Farm and House held a goat-a-thon in May for people to meet the baby goats and for the goats to start their socialization.

The yoga sessions started June 2. Classes are held Tuesday through Friday, plus Sundays with a few exceptions. Tickets are $35 and include a one-hour yoga class, a goat yoga tote bag, a bar of locally-made goat milk soap and two tickets to return to the site.

New this year are family classes.

“We had so many parents question if their child could handle a full hour of yoga,” Burkhart says.

The family yoga class is shorter, 40 minutes, and geared to families with children ages 5 and older. Tickets are $18 and include the yoga class and admission to the farm for that day.

People have shared photos on social media of the goats and reviews.

“It was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life,” wrote ellseekay on Instagram.

Another goat yogi, Joanna Felice, said one of the baby goats slept in her arms for almost the entire class.

Goat yoga at Amish Farm and House will wrap up by the end of August.