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Get lost: 6 corn mazes in Lancaster County to visit this fall

2019 Cherry Crest Maze.jpg

The 2019 corn maze at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm pays homage to the 1969 moon landing.It shows an astronaut next to an American flag with Earth in the background. 

With Lancaster County's many acres of corn fields, the humble corn maze is an expected but cherished part of fall time in the area.

Big and small, challenging or otherwise, each corn maze is wildly different than the next. It's one thing to stare at a picture of a corn maze, and another thing entirely to get down in the trenches and put in the necessary foot work.

With that last point in mind, we visited six corn mazes in Lancaster County to get the pertinent numbers to help you figure out which maze - or mazes - is right for you. Mazes are unranked and merely presented in alphabetical order.

Amish Farm and House

Address: 2395 Covered Bridge Dr., Lancaster.

Total time to complete: 5 minutes* (*Writer's note: This maze has many options, and I just so happened to find the quickest one.)

Average time for a person to complete: 15-20 minutes

Step count: 951

Wrong turns taken: 2

Total acreage: 2.5 acres

Corn height: 11 ft.

Other details: Each year, the Amish Farm maze is drawn out by hand on graph paper and then painstakingly cut by hand.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

Address: 150 Cherry Hill Road, Ronks

Total time to complete: 37 minutes

Average time for a person to complete: 45 minutes

Step count: 2,302

Wrong turns taken: 4

Total acreage: 5 acres (with 2.5-3 total miles of track)

Corn height: 13 ft.

Other details: This year, Cherry Crest's maze celebrates the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing. The maze beings at the foot of an astronaut and ends at planet Earth. This maze also offers three difficulty settings - Yellow for younger children, orange for the the intermediate range and red for maze masters.

Corn Cob Acres

Address: 191 College Ave., Mountville

Total time to complete: 6 minutes

Average time for a person to complete: 10 minutes

Step count: 456

Wrong turns taken: 1

Corn height: 8 ft.

Other details: Designed primarily with children in mind, this is the only maze in Lancaster County where the corn is grown in such a way that it converges and creates a sort of corn roof.

Country Barn

Address: 211 Donerville Road, Lancaster

Total time to complete: 48

Average time for a person to complete: 45 minutes

Step count: 3774

Wrong turns taken: 6

Total acreage: 5 acres

Corn height: 7.5-8 ft.

Other details: Country Barn Market has been constructing corn mazes on the property for almost two decades. This year's theme is the Founding Fathers of United States of America, complete with red, white and blue ribbon to show maze-goers how far along the maze they are.

Foxchase Golf Course

Address: 300 Stevens Road, Stevens

Total time to complete: 40 minutes

Average time for a person to complete: Roughly an hour, depending on golf skill

Average estimated par: 27

Total par: 34

Step count: 503

Wrong turns taken: 0

Total acreage: 6 acres

Corn height: 8 ft.

Miles of path: 510 yards

Other details: For the last six years, Foxchase has offered this hybrid putting course/corn maze. Holes are big enough both for regular golf balls, as well as soccer balls for foot golf.

Oregon Dairy

Address: 2900 Oregon Pike, Lititz.

Total time to complete: 45 minutes

Average time for a person to complete: 60 minutes

Step count: 3,576

Wrong turns taken: 7

Total acreage: 20 acres

Corn height: 10 ft.

Miles of path: 4.95 miles

Other details: This year's theme at at Oregon Dairy is "Thank a Farmer," complete with a chicken, bottle of milk and a farmer holding a pitchfork weaved into the corn.

Overall stats

Total steps taken: 11,562

Total wrong turns: 20

Miles walked: 6.24 miles

Calories burned: 666

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