Even in the midst of a pandemic, the research team at HBO's "Last Week Tonight" remains committed to unearthing some of the internet's oddest treasures.

On Sunday's episode, host John Oliver made a peculiar local shout out - to a York-area artist known for works based on the "furry" fandom.

In the episode, Oliver made reference to the fact that, despite recording from home along with most other late night hosts, his show still has a budget to spend.

Oliver then showed an image of a work titled "Stay Up Late" by artist Brian Swords, which shows two human-esque rats caught in the midst of copulation.

That piece, along with a few others, is well-documented in "weird internet" lore. It first popped up in a Youtube video compilation posted back in December of 2009 and now features well over one million views. In it, portions of a WITF broadcast called "Gallery 33" features several of Swords' works for sale.

Oliver offered to pay $1,000 for the piece itself, as well as an additional $20,000 to the current owner's local food bank.

As is typical with Oliver's on-air hijinks, it comes complete with a very specific e-mail address in which to reach out if you or someone you know owns the painting - john@johnoliverwantsyourraterotica.com.

Check out the clip from Sunday's "Last Week Tonight," as well as the original video where it is highlighted, below.

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