Sweet corn lovers, get those chompers ready: The 2021 harvest is officially underway at local farms. Today was opening day at The Corn Wagon in New Danville, where the ears were quickly disappearing. As I pulled into the lot around 12:45 p.m., I counted 10 additional cars, with shoppers wasting no time loading up bags (the going rate is $4 for 13 ears). One shopper was counting on her fingers just how many ears she'd need for the weekend. She told me they would be a party of 12, “so four dozen should be good.”

In addition to corn (see lanc.news/Cornrecipes for 10 ideas) here’s what we’ve spotted in the past week at local farm stands, with ideas from our archives for putting them to good use.

Cherry salsa bowl

Sweet cherry salsa.

Broccoli, snap beans

— How to make Asian-style noodles with stir-fried vegetables:


— How to make a savory cherry salsa

Cucumbers, both pickling and slicing

—  How to pickle cucumbers, green beans with the water bath canning method

Canning beauty shot

Pickled carrots, cucumbers and green beans from Kim O’Donnel’s preserved pantry. 

Garlic bulbs

—  How to make Lebanese-style garlic sauce, known as toum

Cabbage Pancakes final

Cabbage-scallion pancakes with a soy-sesame sauce.

Head cabbage

—  How to make Japanese-style cabbage pancakes, known as okonomiyaki


—  How to make tabbouleh

Sweet onions

—  How to caramelize onions

Summer squash

— How to make zucchini boats (with Cooking Skool video)

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