This summer, Vintage Candy Shop opened in Lancaster city’s Cabbage Hill neighborhood, adding to the area’s options for where to find retro and nostalgic candies. Here are a few old-school candies that may conjure up memories of past visits to sweet shops.

Clove gum: A chewing gum flavored with cloves, this candy was first manufactured in 1914. Many believe that the gum’s popularity increased as people used the strong-smelling gum to hide the smell of alcohol during prohibition. It’s available for 99 cents per package at Strasburg Country Store & Creamery, 1 W. Main St., Strasburg.

• Clear toy candy: This molded sugar candy, found at E&A Candies in Intercourse, is a nostalgic staple that comes in many shapes and sizes, including Santa Clauses and flip-flops.

• Filled raspberry and strawberry hard candy: This is your old-school, grandma’s house fruit-flavored hard candy. Step back in time and get this candy at Vintage Candy Shop, 602 St. Joseph St. in Lancaster city.

• Nickel Alley: Remember paying only a nickel for certain candies? That feeling can be relived at Vintage Candy Shop, where single-pieced candies, like bubble gum, still cost just a nickel.

Lanc Candy Vintage Candy 3.jpg

Sweet nostalgia at Vintage Candy Shop, 602 St. Joseph St. in Lancaster city.

• Vending machine: Vintage Candy Shop is prepared for anyone who may want a sample. Visitors can pay through an old-fashioned vending machine at the store to receive a small bag of samples such as lemon drops, sourballs and rock candy.

• Wax candy sticks and bottles: A popular children’s candy that requires the ripping off of a wax top to enjoy the syrupy center, wax bottles and candy drinks are available at Vintage Candy Shop.

• Wilbur Buds: No Lancaster County nostalgic candy tour would be complete without mention of Wilbur Buds at Lititz’s Wilbur Chocolate, 45 N. Broad St. Invented in 1894, Wilbur Buds are Lancaster’s answer to the iconic Hershey Kisses.

• Wine gums: These chewy gumdrop-style sweets with alcohols written on them were created in the United Kingdom in 1909 and are available at Vintage Candy Shop. They don’t quite taste like the alcohols and wines that they say they are, but legend has it that they were created in an attempt to lure people away from alcohol.

Lanc Candy Wilbur exterior.jpg

The exterior of the Wilbur Chocolate retail store, 45 N. Broad St., Lititz.

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