Market Wagon

Through the Market Wagon e-commerce site, fresh produce, meat, eggs and prepared foods from around the region are delivered to Lancaster County customers’ homes.

Lancaster County has long been known for its abundance of fresh, local produce and plethora of farmers markets, both seasonal and year round. Now, the farmers market — what was once solely an in-person experience — has gone digital.

Market Wagon, an online farmers market currently available in more than 30 markets across 19 states, allows Lancaster County customers to purchase directly from more than 30 farms, chefs, and artisans in the Susquehanna Valley. For a flat fee of $6.95, purchases are delivered directly to customers’ front doors — no subscription required.

“We are helping food producers, like the farms around the Lancaster area, to connect with the consumers who are interested in buying local,” said Nick Carter, Market Wagon’s co-founder and CEO. “Farmers markets, for several decades, have been a popular way of accomplishing that. We love farmers markets, but e-commerce is really taking off. And this now allows those food producers to also get their products in front of e-commerce shoppers, who may not be able to attend a physical farmers market.”

Brittany Dooling Reardon co-owns and operates Mad Radish Farm, located in Dover, York County, along with her husband, Michael Reardon. They began selling their products — including eggs, chicken and vegetables — on Market Wagon in early 2022. Though their Market Wagon sales currently make up a relatively small share of their overall profits — Reardon estimates about 5% — she says that they’ve found the platform to be a good source of exposure to the larger community, especially operating as a new farm. (Their first full growing season was in 2021.)

“One of the reasons why I started on Market Wagon was not just to try to sell our chicken, but also to get our name out there. It’s another way of exposing the farm,” Reardon said. “Especially with us being so brand new, people can see that we are here and what we do.”

“It’s more than just an e-commerce transaction. We’re actually building a community online,” Carter said. “You can follow your favorite vendors, you’ll receive updates from them. They’ll post, you can comment, you can like and share, and really engage on a social media platform with these producers. Local food is about more than just the calories and the flavor. It’s also about the connection to the food producer, and we’re providing that, as well.”

Wanda Gossert, owner of Gossert’s Homemade Goodness, based in Newmanstown, Lebanon County, began selling her prepared foods — like coleslaw, macaroni salad and tapioca — on Market Wagon in October 2021.

“It’s really neat how the customer can ask me personalized questions,” Gossert said. “One of my customers will message me, and she’s like, ‘I know I asked this before, but how long should I reheat this for?’ So it’s really back-and-forth. I like that aspect of it.”

“Even though I’ve never met them,” Gossert continued, “I consider them friends.”

Here are 10 businesses that currently deliver to Lancaster County via, and a selection of some products they offer through the service.

Abundant Goodness Gardens

 Based in: Mount Joy.

— Products: lettuce mix, spinach, kale, radishes, tea tree/eucalyptus soap.

Black Walnut Dairy Farm 

 Based in: Elizabethtown.

 Products: Raw milk, large brown eggs, cheddar cheese, creamy garden herb cheese, Colby cheese.

Deep Hollow Forest Farm 

— Based in: Halifax, Dauphin County.

 Products: Log-grown shiitake mushrooms, lion’s mane mushrooms, blue oyster mushrooms, black king oyster mushrooms, snow oyster mushrooms.

Earth's Delights

 Based in: Loysville, Perry County.

 Products: Belgian sourdough waffles, sourdough dinner rolls, gluten free chocolate chip cookies, gluten free chocolate whoopie pies.

Deer Run Farm 

 Based in: Emmitsburg, Maryland.

 Products: Ground Red Angus beef, pork chops, maple pork sausage links, pasture-raised eggs.

Gossert's Homemade Goodness

 Based in: Newmanstown, Lebanon County.

 Products: Coleslaw, baked oatmeal, puppy chow, baked mac and cheese, strawberry tapioca.

Honey in the Hollow Bee Farm 

 Based in: Newport, Perry County.

 Products: Unfiltered honey, beeswax lip balm, beeswax lotion bar, honeycomb soap.

K. Schlegel Fruit Farm 

— Based in: Dalmatia, Northumberland County.

 Products: Home-canned peaches, homemade peach butter, EverCrisp apples, apple cider.

Mad Radish

 Based in: Dover, York County.

 Products: Lettuce mix, non-GMO pastured eggs, cherriette radish, Sweet Italian chicken sausage, whole chicken.

South Mountain Creamery 

 Based in: Middletown, Maryland.

 Examples of their products: Chocolate whole milk, half & half, 2% homogenized milk, heavy whipping cream.

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