Steve Cabalar of Cabalar Meat Co.

Steve Cabalar of Cabalar Meat Co., with several containers of lard that is made and sold on site, in a 2019 photo.

The sources that follow are a mix of farms raising pigs on pasture or businesses sourcing lard from pastured pigs. Some offer leaf lard, the creamy sheath of fat that surrounds the kidney, while others mix leaf lard with lard from other parts of the animal. Rendered means that the lard is ready to be used right away; unrendered means you need to render at home before using in pie dough.

Lard has been long thought of as the fattiest fat. But guess what’s fattier than lard? Butter, at 63% saturated fat. Lard trails, at 44% saturated fat. (For context, olive oil has a saturated fat content of 14%.)

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Cabalar Meat Co.

325 N. Queen St.

Rendered leaf lard available upon request; $5 per pint or $9 per quart

Call or email to preorder.

Contact: 717-208-7344;

Country Meadows Farm

Lancaster Central Market (23 N. Market St.).

Rendered lard, $2.75 per pound.

Call for more info.

Contact: 717-224-9493.

Elizabeth Farms

Rendered lard from pastured Mangalitsa pigs.

$3.50 for 4 ounces.

Online ordering for farm pick up or local delivery.


Livengood Family Farm

1648 Morningside Drive, West Lampeter Township.

Rendered lard from pigs raised on pasture. Not 100% leaf lard. $6 per quart.

Online ordering for farm pick up.

Contact: 717-327-6817;

Lindenhof Farm

2170 Kirkwood Pike, Kirkwood.

Rendered lard. Available by the quart ($7) and unrendered leaf lard upon request.

Online ordering for farm pick up.

Contact:; 717- 715-9765.

Miller’s Biodiversity Farm

523 Valley Road, Quarryville.

Unrendered leaf lard; rendered lard

Order via email or phone; order online for Saturday farm pickup.

Contact:; 717-786-7895.

Mirror Image Farm

2365 River Road, Bainbridge

Unrendered leaf lard ($4 per pound); rendered lard ($6 per quart)

Order online or by phone.

Contact:; 717-522-9723.

Rooster St. Butcher

At Lancaster Central Market or Market at the Wilbur (54 N. Broad St., Lititz).

Rendered leaf lard, $6 per pint.

Order online or by phone.

Contact:; 717-625-0405.

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