passenger coffee

The interior of Passenger Coffee Roasters on West King Street.

If you’re wandering around anywhere in Pennsylvania and could use a little caffeine, Food & Wine magazine says, head to Lancaster.

The international cuisine-based publication again has named Lancaster’s Passenger Coffee as the place to grab a cup of the Keystone State’s best coffee — plus, they give a shout-out to Passenger’s “bright and beautiful" space by an in-house design crew and structural designer Ange Horst of Lancaster.

Here’s what Food & Wine had to say this year:

"The distance between one of America’s oldest—and to this day, finest—public markets and one of the country’s most modern coffee shops can be measured in mere steps, no more than ten of them, not very many at all, when you consider how many years forward you’re going. Inside, it’s all bright and beautiful, the coffee couldn’t be better (the offerings coming via Burundi’s Long Miles project, and Brazil’s sustainable Daterra estate, to name two), and the welcome couldn’t be warmer. The precision of it all, beginning with the effortlessly good and patient service, the look, the feel, it’s so energizing, like a master class in modern coffee culture, in what you always wanted it to be, but in so many cities, still aren’t sure how to ask. Occupying the ground floor of a stately Masonic Hall (this being ye olde Lancaster, plenty of the buildings around here will impress you) and serving as one of the historic city’s most appealing third places, Passenger is worth a visit from anywhere."

Since its shout-out from Food & Wine last year, Passenger Coffee announced plans to move its roastery within the city later this year, from 315 E. Marion St. to 131 N. Plum St., and to open a small coffee shop, Passenger HQ, at the new location.

Moving the roastery to the Plum Street location will free space at the Marion Street facility, which houses a bakery and kitchen for the Passenger Coffee shop at 7 W. King St. and sister business Prince Street Cafe at 15 N. Prince St., as well as a catering and wholesale business.