JP Robinson

JP Robinson is a busy guy.

The Quarryville-area resident is a prolific author who specializes in Christian fiction, the owner of a small publishing company and a writing coach.

He and his wife also run a ministry called Fearless Marriage that is dedicated to helping Christian couples. They also find time to raise their three young children, all of whom are students in Lampeter-Strasburg School District.

As if all that isn’t enough, the 34-year-old Robinson has spent the last few months organizing LancoExpo, a Nov. 16 event at Quarryville Library that will feature a number of local authors and craftspeople.

It’s the first time Robinson, a native of Long Island, New York, has put together something like this, but he hopes to make it an annual event. A number of businesses are sponsoring the event and have donated prizes that will be given out during the day.

“I see this as a real community event,” Robinson says. “People can come out, talk to some authors and look at some crafts. Maybe they’ll find something they want to buy as Christmas gifts. I hope people come out.”

Robinson says it’s also important for authors to get out and promote their books because the work doesn’t stop when the actual writing does.

Robinson, who graduated from Stony Brook University with degrees in English and French and then spent about 10 years teaching, has learned that lesson.

His latest book, “In the Midst of the Flames,” will be released later this month and is the second installment in a series. He has written a number of other novels with Christian-minded themes and also some nonfiction books.

“You really do need to get out there and market your books,” Robinson says. “It’s not enough — not nearly enough — to sit back and expect readers to find you. It’s doesn’t work like that.”

Robinson has self-published his books but says that he’s optimistic he’ll soon be signing with a mainstream publisher. He says he has laid the groundwork by actively promoting his books and building an audience, which makes him attractive to potential publishers.

Authors who are scheduled to participate in the event at Quarryville Library include Carol Amos, Brad E. Chandler. David Gundrum, Rachel Hofstetter, Verity Moore, Idella Otto, Terry Webb, Chris Wachter and Annette Whipple.

“It should be fun for them,” Robinson says, “and fun for those who come to meet them.”