Green Dragon is one of those mainstays that encapsulates everything that is Lancaster County.

Traditional and old-fashioned, yet remarkably modern and a little peculiar, its eclectic charm packs the Ephrata Township market complex with locals and tourists every Friday.  

There's little you wouldn't be able to find from the 400 indoor and outdoor merchants on the 35-acre property. 

If you're in the market for dirt cheap produce, homemade Pennsylvania Dutch treats and bargain flea market finds, Green Dragon has all of those things.

But if you're in the market for something a little more obscure, there's a treasure trove of oddities, too. 

Below is a visual guide to some of the weird and wonderful things you may find on any given week. 

So, let's start here. You know you're deep in Amish country when you find whoopie pie pies.  This cake is a whoopie pie on steroids. This monster felt like it weighed three pounds thanks to the liberal use of filling in this traditional Lancaster County delicacy.

This right here is the main attraction. Homegrown. At Green Dragon and everywhere else in this county. 

Green Dragon

Not everything is homegrown, but just look at those prices.

Green Dragon

And everything's better with bacon. Slabs of bacon. But that's not all. You can find any cut of meat from Richard M. Heagy or other vendors inside multiple buildings. 

Green Dragon

If you're looking for lunch, there are plenty of options. The beloved Newswanger's Sausage has been in existence for 47 years at Green Dragon in Building 6. 

But Green Dragon offers more than food. And what would a trip to Green Dragon — or Lancaster County in general — be without primitives? And here, you can get seasonal items such as jack-o-lantern gourds.

Green Dragon

And books. Lots of books.  Fiction, nonfiction, hardback and paperwork of all genres located in Building 6.


If you're shopping for the kids, you have quite the array of toys from rocking horses ... 

Green Dragon

... to an assortment of fidget spinners ...

Green Dragon

... to toy M16 assault rifles with "realistic" gunfire sounds and "dazzling lights." You can find it at one of the outdoor dollar stores that sells everything from socks to kitchen utensils.

Green Dragon

Speaking of guns, nothing says "get off my lawn" like these tin garage signs. 


Back to the outdoor dollar stores, you might want to consider investing in one of these umbrella hats if you plan on walking around Green Dragon all day in the heat.

Green Dragon

While you're at it, get your paws on some cat T-shirts.

Green dragon 12

And you can purchase some "Michael Kors" handbags to accessorize.

Green Dragon

While you're walking around Green Dragon in your new outfit, you might start feeling nostalgic when you see vintage Captain Crook, Mayor McCheese and Hamburglar McDonald's glasses at Martin collectibles in Building 6. 

Green Dragon 14

Not to mention miniature Harry Potter coffins at Fairy Moon in Building 1.

Green Dragon 13

But whatever your reason for visiting, traditions coupled with the element of surprise seems to keep people coming back.  Happy shopping.

Green Dragon