Drew Anderson

Drew Anderson worked two years at WGAL-TV 8 and developed a large fan base. He now does freelance work at several stations, including WPMT-TV Fox 43. 

Drew Anderson is a hired gun, a nomad who bounces from TV station to TV station giving weather forecasts.

About two years ago, it appeared as if Anderson had a body double. Viewers kept spotting him in two places.

One viewer emailed me saying Anderson was on WPMT-TV Fox 43. But a day later, an email from a different viewer claimed he was on at a station in Wilkes-Barre.

My first two thoughts regarding these emails: What's the deal with this guy; wasn't he part time at WGAL-TV 8?

Secondly, I thought of the book "Where's Waldo?" Where's Drew now?

So what's the deal?

"It is so funny, I still get people on Facebook reaching out to me," says Anderson, while driving to work at TV station in upstate New York. "I'm always surprised how popular I was, and by the amount of people that sent me notes."

Anderson gained a local following while working a little more than two years as a fill-in weather person at WGAL from July 2010 until December 2012.

He left WGAL to pursue freelance opportunities, working at WPMT-TV Fox 43 and shortly afterward also at WBRE-TV 28 in the Scranton, Wilkes-Barre market.

The West Chester native then saw an opportunity when WHP-TV CBS 21 was down a meteorologist, doing reporting and weather for the station.

So he worked at three stations at the same time.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, the owner of WHP, wanted him to sign a contract to only work for the Harrisburg station, Anderson says, but being freelance, he refused.

WBRE does a simulcast on WYOU-TV, a CBS affiliate, and a 10 p.m. newscast on WOLF-TV, a Fox affiliate. So he forecasts on three stations in one, putting him all over the TV dial.

At age 26, he likes being the hired gun, to swoop in when a station is shorthanded.

He's always worked weekends and he enjoys working the morning shift, because he can have more personality over the air.

The 2010 Penn State graduate was in no rush to get a full-time job out of school. He says he's been to all 50 states twice, and drove from Florida to Seattle over Memorial Day Weekend.

"For me, it just works," says Anderson, who is officially part-time at WBRE. "Fortunately, I have the ability to do that. I love this business, but I also love to travel. This allows me to do both."

He says he is the unofficial fourth member of the WPMT weather team. He'll be a substitute meteorologist for the station July 17-18.

There are only about four weather graphic systems, he says, so it is easy for him to bounce between stations and use whatever technology is there.

Eventually, he'll look for a full-time job, but he is waiting for the right opportunity. Until then, he'll enjoy the freedom to travel and be the hired gun.

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