hershey triple tower

You know those plunge tower rides on the boardwalk for kids, the ones that seem high when you're on them, but not so much from the ground?

Now take those rides and multiply them. Now add more height ... keep going ... you're not even close to making it tall enough.

Hersheypark has announced its newest ride, opening for the 2017 season. It's a towering thrill of an attraction -- and it's the first of its kind in the United States. 

The park will become "the first amusement facility to have not one, not two, but three drop towers of different heights," Kevin Stumpf, general manager of attractions and entertainment, said at the Tuesday morning announcement. 

Hershey Triple Tower is not for the acrophobic among us. It's three choose-your-thrill plunge towers of varying heights, and even the shortest -- at 80 feet -- promises to take your breath away. 

Situated on Kissing Tower Hill where the Frog Hopper, Convoy and Red Baron currently are located, Triple Tower's total elevation will be boosted by its hilltop location. The three "kiddie attractions" will be relocated within the park in time for this year's Christmas Candylane.  

Here are the Triple Tower stats:

Ride time: 50 seconds.

Kisses Tower: 80 feet tall, 12 riders, 2 cycles of positive and negative G-forces ("Riders will be propelled rapidly to the top of the tower," Stumpf said, "and then gently lowered, by bounces" to the bottom.

Reeses Tower: 131 feet, 16 riders, 2 cycles of positive and negative G-forces.

Hershey's Tower: 189 feet, 20 riders, featuring "two gravity-defying experiences, SPACE SHOT & TURBO DROP, which rockets riders to the top before blasting back to the bottom."

Speed: Exceeding freefall. 

Designer: S&S Worldwide/Sansei Technologies of Logan, Utah. 

Hersheypark teased its leadup to the announcement with four clues: 

1. We're unwrapping our newest ride / Chocolate covers every side. 

2. Our exciting new thrill / Will live high upon a hill. 

3. An attraction like this has never been done / Choose your path, there's 3 ways to fun. 

4. We're blasting off to new heights / But that's not the end of this flight.