Music for Everyone special edition of Music Friday

Music for Everyone special edition of Music Friday "Keys On The Move" as Tuck Ryan, vocals and keyboard, and Josh Kanusky, drums, cris cross the city on the back of a flatbed truck bringing the music to the people in Lancaster Friday May 15, 2020.

In the absence of Music for Everyone's popular "Keys for the City" program, the non-profit has announced a new summer-long mural project.

Appropriately dubbed the "Keys for the City Mural Program," Music for Everyone will underwrite between 6 and ten permanent murals across the city. Already announced artists include Sadie Bartch, Keisha Finnie, Loryn Spangler Jones, Kelly McCart, Justin Jones and Elizabeth Byler, with more to be announced at a later date.

“While we were very disappointed that we were unable to place the pianos on the streets this summer due to COVID-19, we’re finding new and creative ways to re-imagine Keys for the City to help our community heal through music and art,” said John Gerdy, MFE founder, in a press release.

Artists will be compensated for their work, and as with last months's COVID awareness mural project, paint will be provided by Two Dudes Painting Company. Music for Everyone also notes that there will be other visual and musical initiatives happening throughout the summer, perhaps another round of musicians performing on the back of a truck being driven throughout the city.