Astrophysicist JoEllen McBride stopped by the Women in STEM podcast to discuss her research on star birth, sexism in science and more. Chatting with LNP’s Kara Newhouse, she shared:

—that her research method, spectroscopy, is a fancy way of saying she studies galaxy rainbows.

—the diverging responses she and her husband received when announcing they were having a baby partway through their PhD program.

—the annoying frequency of the comment “you’re too pretty to be a scientist.”

—why it’s important for scientists to share their research and its value with the public and elected officials.

In recommendations, McBride encourages listeners to check out the Vsauce YouTube channel, and Newhouse endorses the Washington Post’s “Speaking of Science” newsletter by reporter Sarah Kaplan. Also during the podcast, Newhouse mentioned a recent episode of The Ladycast and the academic article “But You Don’t Look Like A Scientist!”

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