Jess Lynne

MaeJean Vintage photographer and digital marketer Jess Lynne helps to run the @maejeanvintage TikTok, which has over 138K followers.

MaeJean Vintage, a Lancaster small business that restores and sells vintage jewelry, has gone viral on TikTok several times for its content, including several videos with hundreds of thousands of views.

The TikTok account, @maejeanvintage, showcases its jewelry, as well as behind-the-scenes looks into how the business runs, oddities in vintage jewelry, memes, history and more. 

MaeJean's most viral video has over 3.5 million views and features a reversible ring with diamonds on one side and blue topaz on the other.

To date, @maejeanvintage has over 138K followers and its videos have garnered 2.4 million likes.

Jess Lynne, the photographer and digital marketer at MaeJean Vintage, meets with her coworker and social media manager Heidi Grace each week to come up with new ideas for the TikTok account, using trending sounds and ideas as inspiration.

Jess Lynne and Heidi Grace

Jess Lynne, photographer and digital marketer for MaeJean Vintage, meets with Heidi Grace, social media manager, to go over ideas for TikTok each week.

MaeJean Vintage specializes in restoring and selling vintage jewelry from the Victorian, Edwardian, art deco and mid-century eras. Sisters Laura Mae and Amanda Jean started the business in 2010.

Recently, MaeJean Vintage was featured in an Insider video, which explained the process of restoring a 1930s art deco ring.

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