Shoofly pie is a rich treat made from a two Pennsylvania Dutch “food groups:” sweets and butter.

If you're a fan of shoofly pie, one of Lancaster County's favorite Pennsylvania Dutch treats, you may have wondered how much of the molasses-y goodness you could stuff into your face at a given time.

A shoofly pie eating competition at Dutch Wonderland's Celebration Theater this Sunday may provide the answer. 

Ten people will compete to see who can eat the most shoofly pie. Dutch Wonderland selected from a pool of applicants at random.

If there are any remaining spaces or someone doesn't show up, they may look for guests to fill the spots, says Lynsey Winters, a spokesperson for Dutch Wonderland. 

Dutch Haven, an Amish food and crafts destination known for its shoofly pie, will supply the event's shoofly pies.

The winner will receive a 2022 platinum season pass, which will give its holder unlimited access to the amusement park for the summer and the following holiday events, free parking and discounts for hotel stays and food, among other benefits.

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