Field of Screams 2021

Field of Screams just kicked off its 29th year of scares. The moon hangs over the scare attraction Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021.

Field of Screams kicked off its 29th year of scares to a full crowd of cheerfully frightened patrons on Friday, Sept. 10.  

The scream park is not only known to those in Lancaster County; it's nationally recognized, as USA Today named Field of Screams the best haunted attraction in the United States in 2015.

For the uninitiated, Field of Screams is a farm-turned-haunted-attraction with a mass of actors who are tasked with scaring the masses, be it by jumping out, being generally creepy or even chasing visitors with chainsaws.

Gene Schopf, who owns and runs Field of Screams alongside his brother Jim, says he's excited for the season to begin. 

"We're here, we're amped up, we're ready to go," Schopf says.

The basics

Field of Screams kicked off its 2021 season the first weekend of September and will continue its run until mid-November.

Admission prices fluctuate depending on the day; it's busier and more expensive the closer it gets to Halloween, and the costs are split into tiers. 

A Scream Pass, which allows visitors to go through all four scare attractions, ranges from $35 to $45. VIP passes, which allow ticket holders to jump to the front of the line on each attraction, range from $10 to $30 in addition to the cost of admission. 

Tickets for each individual attraction are also available. For a complete list of dates and prices, visit

COVID-19 protocols

"At this point, masks are optional," says Schopf. "We closely follow guidelines and we'll do whatever we need to do. But right now there's no mandate."

There are several hand sanitizing stations around Field of Screams, and signs are scattered intermittently through the attraction.

One mitigation strategy that Field of Screams kept in its 2021 season is timed ticketing, which requires visitors to be more spread out. When purchasing a ticket, a visitor must also choose a time slot in which they will arrive.

"It's a better show," Schopf says. "It spaces people out, the parking on the property is a more even flow."

About six people are let into an attraction at a time, spacing people out further, Schopf says. But Field of Screams will accommodate larger groups, too. 

What's new at Field of Screams 

Here is what's new at each of the attractions.

- Haunted Hayride: A new, revised soundtrack.

- Den of Darkness: Major renovations to the first floor with a brand-new foyer and detailed ending bathroom scene.

- Frightmare Asylum: An upgraded nurse's room and a new, disorienting checkered room.

- Nocturnal Wasteland: New paths, twists and turns with a revamped swamp scene.

"[We're] so excited for all the customers to get out and finally appreciate the fruits of [our] labor," Schopf says. "It's not all decorating skeletons."

Off-season events

Field of Screams announced more off-season dates to enjoy the scare attraction even after the spooky season is over. 

The Frightmare Asylum and the Den of Darkness will be open:

- Dec. 11, 2021: Christmas

- Feb. 12, 2022: Valentine's Day

- March 12, 2022: St. Patrick's Day

- May 13, 2022: Friday the 13th

- May 14, 2022: Halfway to Halloween

Tickets for off-season events are $30 per person, per event. VIP tickets are an additional $15. 

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