Coatesville African American Cultural Carnival

An African-American Cultural Carnival is being held at Abdala Park in Coatesville until Saturday, July 31.

The African-American Cultural Alliance (AACA) of Lancaster is partnering with the City of Coatesville to present a festival celebrating African-American culture, business and community connection.

A carnival midway featuring family-friendly rides, live music and games for the whole family will be available, along with a Business Expo that spotlights 20 Black-owned small businesses.

Special musical acts include a Friday hip-hop show and a Saturday night Gospel show. The carnival midway rides operate from 6 to 10 p.m. every evening through Saturday, and the African-American Business Expo is open on Saturday from 2 to 8 p.m.

“We started the carnival in Lancaster seven years ago, and appreciated that Coatesville residents volunteered to support the event in our city,” says Derek Smith, President of AACA. “Recognizing that Coatesville shares similar demographics to Lancaster, we reached out to bring the same opportunity to Coatesville. We hope to demonstrate that you don’t have to leave your community to celebrate your heritage, and we hope to make economic impact within the city by attracting visitors and awareness.”

Victor Abdala Park is located at 801 Olive St. in Coatesville.

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