Comedian Louis C.K. has found redemption.

From his fans at least.

His show at Santander Performing Arts Center scheduled for Wednesday night is sold out.

The comedian, who in 2017 was accused by five women of sexual misconduct by masturbating in front of them, has sold-out shows throughout the tour, including three nights in Houston.

On his website, C.K. wrote:

“Hey. Hello. I am on the road doing professional stand-up comedy. Which consists of sharing jokes, stories, observations, lies, non-lies, and being generally ridiculous for the benefit of a laughing audience.

“Below are listed some of the places I’m doing these things. Click on the links to buy tickets so you can be there. Or don’t.”

The tour, which began in the fall of last year, does not include the huge venues he used to play (Santander Performing Arts Center's seating capacity is 7, 083), but his fans have apparently returned.

The tour got off to a slow start according to an article in the Los Angeles Times in November, in which the reporter, Glenn Whipp,. noted that ticket sales were slow and he got a resale ticket for $4.

C.K.’s first foray into performing again came in August 2018 at the Comedy Cellar in New York, where he got a standing ovation.

He did not apologize during the 15-minute set.

After seeing a show, Whipp wrote: “(H)e’s still defiantly saying what he wants. If anything, he’s even more aggressive these days in exploring and assaulting societal norms and boundaries.”

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