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Podcast host Joe Rogan, left, wears a Lancaster Archery Supply hoodie and interviews comedian Ian Edwards, right, in episode No. 1324 of "The Joe Rogan Experience." 

Lancaster Archery Supply received a subtle shoutout from one of the most-listened to podcasts in the United States, "The Joe Rogan Experience." 

The podcast's host and namesake, Joe Rogan, wore a hoodie from Lancaster Archery Supply while recording and filming two episodes of the podcast, which were posted to YouTube on July 11 and 12. 

Only the blue, red and yellow target and archer of Lancaster Archery Supply's logo is visible throughout most of the video. But Rogan occasionally moves around enough for a clear glimpse of "Lancaster Archery Supply." 

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This isn't the first time Rogan has sported Lancaster Archery Supply clothing while taping a podcast, said P.J. Reilly, Lancaster Archery Supply technical writer and LancasterOnline outdoors columnist.

"He's been doing that for a couple years now," Reilly said. 

While Rogan has never visited the Pro Shop on Old Philadelphia Pike, he does regularly place orders for all kinds of archery gear, including some clothing with the logo, Reilly said.

"With his huge audience, we are certainly appreciative that he chooses to wear our Lancaster Archery Supply gear when he records his shows," said Reilly. 

Efforts to reach Rogan for comment were unsuccessful. 

"The Rogan Experience" is currently No. 2 on Apple podcasts' chart. In January, the podcast won "Best Comedy Podcast" at the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. 

Rogan also posts his podcasts to YouTube, where he boasts 5.8 million followers. The recent videos Rogan filmed in his Lancaster Archery Supply hoodie received a total of 1.5 million views. 

Aside from his podcast, Rogan is known in entertainment for his work as the former host of American television show "Fear Factor." He also appeared on "The Man Show" and "NewsRadio."

Rogan also works as a mixed martial arts color commentator. He has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He was a stand-up comedian before getting into television and acting. 

Watch the videos here: 

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