The Lancaster Sertoma Club's chicken barbecue annually serves over 20,000 meals.

Even if you don’t like chicken, it’s kind of hard to pass on the annual Sertoma Chicken Barbecue, happening Saturday at Long’s Park on Harrisburg Pike.

Lancastrians get to be part of the World’s Largest Chicken Barbecue, now certified by the folks at Guinness.

Scores of volunteers will prepare more than 20,000 complete chicken dinners to be served from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Just stop and consider that number for a moment.


It's a smoky job, as this volunteer from last year's event knows too well.

Patrons can get their meals to go (a drive through is available) or eat dinner at the park, with activities and family entertainment to go with the chicken’s secret sauce.

This year it’s rumored that some Star Wars Stormtroopers are after the secret sauce recipe and only a Jedi will be able to protect it from the Dark Side.

Better get it while you can.

As long as Good triumphs over Evil, which of course it will, here’s what you can expect in this year’s meal:

Half a barbecued chicken, Herr’s potato chips, Unique pretzel, fruit, Pepperidge Farm dinner roll, Wegman’s applesauce, Turkey Hill beverage and ice cream, Hershey’s Twizzler candy.

Mount Hope Winery will be serving and selling beer, cider and wine to those 21 and over.

sertoma bbq 7 M21.jpg

Patrons enjoy their chicken barbecue meals during a previous event.

Among other things, proceeds benefit the beautification, upkeep and improvement of Long’s Park, playgrounds for children with disabilities, Kids’ Kamp, Naturalization Day receptions and care for animals in the petting zoo.

Discounted ($10) tickets are available at participating Turkey Hill Minit Markets. Tickets are $12 at the event.

For details, visit lancastersertomabbq.com.