Two Dudes company mural

Two Dudes artist-in-residence Justin Lorenzen works on a mural at the company’s headquarters in Lancaster.

The city of Lancaster has announced the ten artists that will be creating COVID-19-related murals downtown.

The contest, initially announced two weeks ago, sought to pair Two Dudes Painting Company, which will provide all materials, with city artists to "get essential COVID-19 messaging out to the public. Out of 73 submissions, ten artists were selected. Each artist will be paid $500.

Location for the murals have yet to be announced, but the artists are listed below:

Adam Serrano

Annajane Dauphine

Chomingo & Esther Rivas Miller

Katie Trainer

Keisha Finne

Krissy Whiski

Loryn Spangler-Jones

Maria Tomassetti

Salina Almanzar

Shaun Hogarth

According to the Lancaster Public Art website, artists will have until Thursday, April 30, to complete the murals, in time for the art to be displayed for First Friday on May 1.