Brett A. Myers

Christian illusionist Brett A. Myers will perform at the Junction Center in Manheim on Friday, Jan. 17 and Sunday, Jan. 18. 

There are many ways that Christian performers share their faith with an audience, from music to movies to animated children's television shows.

Brett A. Myers, however, has a bit of a different method.

Myers uses optical illusions to "share the Gospel of Christ," according to his website. He'll bring his show to Landis Hall in WJTL's Junction Center in Manheim on Friday and Saturday. 

A portion of ticket sales will benefit Christian nonprofit HOPE International. Tickets are $20-$30 for adults and $12 for children, and are available online here

Myers' feats include making a bowling ball disappear, visually restoring a torn newspaper, making an antique table levitate and causing "sporadic weather changes." 

But, Myers says he makes it clear that he isn't the true star of the show.

"I make it very clear that what I do is an optical illusion and only God can do real miracles," Myers says on his website. "I utilize comedy, audience participation, and sleight of hand to establish credibility with the audience; so that I may then share with them my personal testimony and effectively present the gospel."

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