Though winter’s finally on its way out, you still have time to curl up with a cozy mystery from the new-book shelf at the Duke Street Library in downtown Lancaster.  

1. Darned If You Do, by Monica Ferris. When a local hoarder is murdered, Betsy Devonshire, owner of the Crewel World needlework shop, requires all her wits to dig a new friend out of a heap of trouble.

2. By Book or By Crook, by Eva Gates. Lucy’s job as a librarian at a lighthouse on the Outer Banks seems like a dream come true until theft and murder enter the picture.

3. All the President's Menus, by Julie Hyzy. When the foreign chefs’ tour of the White House kitchen ends in murder, executive chef Olivia Paras makes sleuthing the special of the day.

4. Murder at the Book Group, by Maggie King. Hazel Rose never dreamed the murder mystery book group she and her friend started would stage a real murder. Her search for the truth produces no shortage of motives, most belonging to the members of her very own book group.

5. Spell Booked, by Joyce and Jim Lavene. To pass on their cherished spellbook, Molly, Elsie and Olivia must recruit and train three new witches. When Olivia is murdered and the spellbook is stolen, Molly and Elsie call upon all of their powers to stop a dangerous young witch.

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