brad rutter on Jeopardy 3

Though he came in third in the "Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time" Tournament, the final episode of which aired Tuesday, Lancaster native Brad Rutter has still won more money than any other contestant on a quiz show in history. Ken Jennings won the "Greatest" tournament.

What did Brad Rutter say to Ken Jennings when Jennings was declared the winner of the "Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time" tournament, which aired Tuesday night on ABC?

What advice does he have for potential quiz-show contestants? And what has he been reading and watching?

Here are a few quotes from the Lancaster native who's won more money on "Jeopardy!" than anyone, on any game show, in history. He just finished competing in the "Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time" tournament.

• Advice for those who think they'd be good on "Jeopardy!": "I wouldn't want to try to dissuade anybody. If you think you're doing well against the TV, take the online test and try out. You'll never really know how you're going to do till you get there. That's exactly how it happened for me. I thought, hey maybe I could do really well if I went on. And I tried out, and my original goal was just to win one game, so I could call myself a "Jeopardy!" champion, and now it's 19 years later, with all this. So, you never know." The "Jeopardy!" online test is scheduled for Jan. 28-30 this year.

• What he said to Ken Jennings as the two hugged after Jennings — his friend and frequent quiz-show rival — was declared the "Greatest of All Time": "It was general congratulations. I'd rather leave it like 'Lost in Translation'" (the 2003 movie in which viewers never find out what Bill Murray whispers to Scarlett Johansson). 

• A TV show he'd recommend: "'Mindhunter,' on Netflix, starring Lancaster's own Jonathan Groff, is really fantastic, I think. And I'm a big David Fincher fan, and he's the guy behind that."

• A book he'd recommend: "There's a really extensive biography of The Beatles that came out a few years ago, called "Tune In (All These Years)" that, if you're into the Beatles at all, is really great, really fascinating. It has a lot of in-depth research that a lot of the other biographies don't have. It kind of busts some myths about the early Beatles. It's part one of a trilogy that's coming out."

• Who at Manheim Township High School inspired his love of trivia: "I'd want to give credit to the Quiz Bowl coach, Anne Clouser who, sadly, passed away (in 2000). She was also an English teacher. She was a great Quiz Bowl coach and ... really developed our thirst for knowledge, which I'll always appreciate." Rutter was a captain of his high school Quiz Bowl team, and also won the New Era Citizen Bee his senior year.