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Can you guess what this tool, from the collection of the Landis Valley Museum, was used for?

Jennifer Royer, museum curator at Landis Valley, says the tool is about 17 1/2 inches long, 10 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/4 inches deep.

Send your guess to Mary Ellen Wright at features@lnpnews.com,

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Lancaster, PA 17608-1328.

IMPORTANT: Please include your full name and the town you live in with your guess.

Email is preferred, since regular mail access is limited because LNP employees are working remotely.

Guesses are due by Monday, March 15. We’ll reveal the correct answer in LNP on March 25.

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January's mystery tool is a stoneboat.

Last month's tool: A stoneboat

A lot of our readers knew that our Jan. 28 mystery tool, part of the collection at the Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum, is a stoneboat.

Jennifer Royer, museum curator at Landis Valley, says the stoneboat is a low, horse-drawn work sled made of wooden planks.

The runners are white oak planks, stood on edge, Royer says. They are protected by strips of hand-wrought iron on the runner bottoms.

The runners curve up at both ends, she says, and wrought-iron hooks are spiked into each of the four corners to allow the “boat” to be pulled in either direction.

This stoneboat was used on a family farm in Lebanon County, Royer adds.

The correct answers listed below include those who said the tool was a work sled or sledge that was specifically used to move manure from the barn to the field; to carry stones from a farm field; to transport wood, milk or equipment; or to carry ice from a frozen river or lake. Several readers remembered their parents using them on farms, and even riding them as children.

Correct answers

• Akron: Brenda Leinbach.

• Denver: Eugene Martin.

• Elizabethtown: Clair Oberholtzer.

• Harrisburg: Dale Rupert.

• Lancaster: J. Marlin Miller, Frances Keen, Paul Garber, Steve Stoltzfoos, Dave Shaub.

• Lebanon: Stacy Fink.

• Lititz: John Zinkland, Christopher John Oberle.

• Millersville: Wayne Herr.

• Mount Joy: Fred Shoop.

• Mountville: Gary Glick, George Overmeyer.

• Nazareth: Phil Houck and Pat Houck.

• Neffsville: John Malasavage.

• New Holland: Ivan Martin.

• Paradise: Amos Beiler.

• Quarryville: Jerry L. McCarrell, Henry Smucker.

• Reisterstown, Maryland: Carol Ebright.

• Ronks: Benuel Esh.

• West Lampeter Township: Aaron King Jr.

Best guesses

• Table for applying paste on wallpaper; horse- or tractor-pulled road grader; antique cigar press mold; butter churn; clothes washer; dough box.

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