Mystery object for April

Can you identify this mystery object from the collection of the Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum?

Can you identify this object, which resides in the museum collection at the Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum.

Send your guess, including your full name and the town you live in, to Mary Ellen Wright at, with “Antique Toolbox” in the subject line, or mail to Mary Ellen Wright/Antique Toolbox, LNP Media Group, 8 W. King St., P.O. Box 1328, Lancaster PA 17608-1328.

Please submit answers by Friday, May 22, and we’ll reveal the correct answer in LNP on May 28. 

HG antique TOOLBOX 2 April 23_2.jpg

This vintage eyelash curler is part of the collection of the Landis Valley Village  & Farm Museum.


Last month’s mystery tool had everyone stumped.

We received lots of interesting guesses, but no correct answers.

Jennifer Royer, curator at Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum, says the March 26 mystery tool in LNP is an antique eyelash curler.

It’s part of the museum’s vast collection of tools.

The first known patent for the eyelash curler was filed in 1923 by Charles Stickel and William McDonell.

The image for the patent looked similar to the artifact pictured, with rubber pads added.

McDonell improved his later eyelash curler, known as the Kurlash, with a new patent on April 7, 1931.

This curler, which was similar to the curlers of today, was very popular. It curled the eyelashes in seconds — and was very inexpensive.


Tongs for cooked eggs; egg separator; ice tongs; crimper; pineapple-eye remover; a tool for darning or mending cloth; candle snuffer; a tool that scrapes off the rind of a piece of fruit; coal tongs; musket ball tongs; pastry cutter; salad tongs; shoe stretcher.