Old Line Youth Livestock Expo

The Old Line Youth Livestock Expo will give children and teens a chance to show their animals even if the fair was canceled.

Long before four of Lancaster County's fairs were canceled and months before the first case of COVID-19 was detected here, children and teens started caring for animals bound for the show ring.

Canceling the fairs meant no livestock judging and no auction.

While Solanco Fair, West Lampeter Fair and Manheim Farm Show are still scheduled for the fall, each fair has its own residency rules for showing and selling.

Jevin Kready talked to his wife Courtney and a few friends, many who showed their own animals, and came up with an alternative.

The Old Line Youth Livestock Expo will be held Aug. 22-24 at Meadow Springs Farm, the Kreadys' Rapho Township farm.

"We want to give them the opportunity to show like they would any other year," Kready says.

Judging at fairs usually draws crowds. This expo will be different.

Only exhibitors and their guardians will be allowed at each judging category. Extended family or other fans will not be allowed.

The auction to sell the animals will be virtual.

The expo is open to those eligible to exhibit at the Elizabethtown Fair. Kready said he would love to open the expo to the entire county, but that would be a big undertaking.

To learn more or register, visit www.facebook.com/OldLineYouthExpo.

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