Cooking Skool guacamole

Homemade guacamole with tortilla chips.

This week in Stay-Put Cooking, I shared a recipe for build-your-own lentil bowls, a filling meal that doesn't require firing up the oven. 

Here are a few more ideas from the Stay-Put Cooking and Cooking Skool archives on what to make when it's too hot to cook. 

Tabbouleh: An iconic dish of Middle Eastern small plates known as mezze, tabbouleh is an herb-forward salad, with bulgur as part of a supporting cast.

White bean salad: Learn to make this Italian deli favorite and put your own spin on it based on what's on hand.

Kale salad: Probably best known as a hack for chopping fresh basil, chiffonnade is a handy knife trick for chopping all kinds of greens. This delicious kale salad is a great way to practice. 

Guacamole: Learn to make this classic Mexican avocado dip, with a how-to video.

Basil Pesto: In this how-to video, learn how to blanch basil and prepare it for pesto, a summer pasta favorite.

Granita: Cooling off with a frozen fruit puree and the closest thing to water ice.

Fro-yo: The ins and outs of making your own fro-yo with seasonal fruit.