Chicken and rice 2

For this version of chicken and rice, Kim O'Donnel used chicken thighs, brown rice, onions, ground fennel and coriander, onions, fresh ginger, chicken broth and spinach to finish. 

Snow angels or soup? As this three-day snowstorm rounds the corner, that’s what I’m deliberating. Mister Husband is outside with his sparkly new shovel while I type these words from a room with a view, and I imagine he will be needing some après-dig sustenance to shake off the chill.

In fact, I spy with my little eye three chicken backs in the freezer, which I may throw into a pot and get some broth going while I scrounge the fridge for soup odds and ends. (How-to details for poultry bone broth.)

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But for immediate consumption, a pot of spiced hot cocoa may hit the spot for my beloved shoveler. (Dairy-free folks, use whatever milk makes you happy and be sure to let the whole spices steep for about 20 minutes.)

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But as they say in New Orleans, the cocoa is a lagniappe, a way to whet the whistle and get this snow day cooking party started.

With a pot of chicken broth simmering, I’m also looking at a bunch of potatoes that have developed teeny sprouts, so perhaps a blended soup with the languishing kale, a bunch of garlic and snow-covered rosemary, with the taters as a thickener. Our Souper Formula from last winter is chock-full of ideas for making your own blended creation.

If it weren’t for the leftover chicken thighs that I might slice into that pot of broth, I probably would be whipping up this chicken-and-rice number, a one-pot wonder that truly will feel like shelter from the storm.

Apple coffee cake

Apple coffee cake.

A sweet treat may be in order, especially if it can double as breakfast the next day. With three or so apples in the fridge that have seen better days, I just might whip up this apple coffee cake instead of throwing them into the compost. Tomorrow’s first cup of coffee suddenly just got grand.

The shoveler may not want to hear this, but with all these ideas brimming, I say let it snow.

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