Lights, camera, action.

Eagle Cam is up and running 75 feet up a tree in a in a bald eagle nest near Hanover, York County.

Click here to watch the Eagle Cam on the Game Commission's website.

Once again more than an anticipated 1 million viewers from all over world will get a secret peek around the clock inside the many chapters of an active eagle nest.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Eagle Cam now is actually two cameras, giving viewers different perspectives. (Click here to view)

(Image courtesy of Pennsylvania Game Commission, HDOnTap and Comcast Business).

Also, installation of infrared technology means even in the dead of night viewers will be able to check on their favorite raptors. Microphones will capture sounds.

Last year, despite some anxious moments, the adult pair of eagles successfully hatched and fledged two eaglets as the world looked on. Readers, in a a naming contest by LNP, one eaglet died and a second egg did not hatch followed by a nest collapse.

Karen Lippy, a York County birdwatcher who keeps tabs on the Eagle Cam eagles year-round, says the same pair of eagles has returned.

Lippy, who posts on the Hanover, PA Eagle Cam Facebook page, thinks the partial collapse of the stick nest on May 31 occurred because of the rummaging and chewing of squirrels that were often seen by viewers last nesting season.

During the first year of the Eagle Cam in 2014-15, the eagles successfully hatched and fledged two eagles. The saga went viral and drew more than 1.5 million views.

The pair of adults, which have been using the same location for about 10 years, have been seen in the nest lately, doctoring it up.

The Game Commission noted that this is nature and there is no guarantee the eagles will use the nest, or the female will lay eggs. But all signs point to another action-filled nesting.

The Game Commission has now operated an Eagle Cam for four years. Partners in the project are Comcast Business and HDOnTap.

There are several Facebook fan clubs where someone is always watching the nest, capturing images or videos,l and making observations. There is Pennsylvania Bald Eagle Family on Facebook. Also the Hanover, PA Eagle Cam on Facebook. The HDOnTap website is here.

To view the Pennsylvania Game Commission Bald Eagle Live Stream, click here.


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