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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Fernando Manes Talago, of 642 Wyncroft Lane, Apt. 11, and Kendra Estelle Mancino, same address. Talago’s parents are Andrew David and Fasutina Ann Talago. Mancino’s parents are James Louis and Kathy Lynn Mancino.

Nicholas Matthew Sherk, of 453 Manor St., Columbia, and Kaitlyn Marie Kelly, same address. Sherk’s parents are Stephen L. and Jeanette Sherk. Kelly’s parents are Timothy John and Sandra Elizabeth Kelly.

Nathan Andrew Glessner, of 73 Ironstone Drive, Elizabethtown, and Trisha Nicole Weaver, of 362 W. Hernley Road, Manheim. Glessner’s parents are Wade Alan and Lisa Rae Glessner. Weaver’s parents are Donald Eugene and Lucy Ann Weaver.

Xavier Logan Wingenroth, of 842 Fremont St., and Emily Nichole Eshleman, same address. Wingenroth’s parents are Theodore and Charmaine Wingenroth. Eshleman’s parents are Robert Brian and Elizabeth Newkirk Eshleman.

Sean Cusumano, of 316 Herr Ave., Millersville, and Kathleen Adrian, same address. Cusumano’s parents are William Anthony and Kathleen D’Onofrio. Adrian’s parents are Gerald Wayne and Patricia Marie Adrian.

Patrick O’Brien Renahan, of 135 Timber Drive, Mountville, and Ana Nicole Allen, same address. Renahan’s parents are Michael Dennis and Mary Katharine Renahan. Allen’s parents are John Francis and Christina Deann Allen.

Michael Vincent Gallagher, of 50 Coopers Way, Denver, and Alayna Mackenzie Edinger, same address. Gallagher’s parents are Vincent Gregory and Amy Patricia Gallagher. Edinger’s parents are Albert Edinger and Michelle Anne Kincard.

Daniel Mark Vonbussenius, of 4200 Hermitage Court, Manchester, and Alyssa Jane Dudley, of 1929 Leonard St., York. Vonbussenius’ parents are Steven Mark and Virginia Marie Vonbussenius. Dudley’s parents are Robert Charles and Joelie Jayne Dudley.

Leroy Ethan Fisher, of 3206 Mill Lane D, Gordonville, and Mary Jane Beiler, of 73 Witmer Road. Fisher’s parents are Emanuel Lantz and Kathryn K. Fisher. Beiler’s parents are Elias and Linda F. Beiler.

Casey Walters Buch, of 940 N. Shippen St., and Kathryn Mary Adelaide Bennett, same address. Buch’s parents are Leon Brian Buch and Bonnie Sue McCue. Bennett’s parents are Thomas Aloysius and Karen Hobday Bennett.

Kurtis Michael Stidd, of 1234 Mergansser Lane, Elizabethtown, and Aerika Lynn High, same address. Stidd’s parents are Michael Edward and Nicole Marie Stidd. High’s parents are Darrell Lavern and Mary Sue High.

Dilan Eduardo Valadez, of 731 Groff Ave., Elizabethtown, and Yuliana Marcela Aristizbal, of 808 S. George St., York. Valadez’s parents are Eduardo Valadez and Martha Ruth Duran. Artistizbal’s parents are Jose Bertulo Artistizbal and Carmen Julia Agudelo.

James Brian Tippett, of 1205 Donegal Springs Road, Mount Joy, and Tonya Marie Smith, same address. Tippett’s parents are John Wesley and Sandra Jean Tippett. Smith’s parents are Eddie Earl and Nancy Louise Showers.

Kevin Calore, of 1396 Stokes Road, Medford, and Christine Lynn Kellner, same address. Calore’s parents are James and Linda Calore. Kellner’s parents are John David and Theresa Kellner.

Christopher Patrick Casey, of 719 Goodland Drive, Roanoke, Wash., and Emily Marie Jannace, same address. Casey’s parents are Edward William and Susanne Patricia Casey. Jannace’s parents are Joseph Nicholas and Jane Marie Jannace.

Gerald Stanley Hanna, of 716 Maple Grove Road, New Holland, and Melissa Ann Peace, same address. Hanna’s parents are Gerald Stanley Hanna and Sue Marie Walton.

David Chrisotopher Rose, of 2614 Crestwyck Circle, Mount Joy, and Michele Miller, same address. Rose’s parents are Peter A. Rose and Bernadette Boyce Brewer.

Anthony Dwayne Dinterman, of 4709 Nutters Cross Road, Salisbury, Md., and Kristina Lynn Ruhl, same address. Dinterman’s parents are Howard Thomas and Vicki Lee Dinterman. Ruhl’s parents are James John Ruhl and Tracy Lynn Horton.

Cody Alan Ringler, of 606 Fifth Ave., Denver, and Jessica May Weber, same address. Ringler’s parents are Duane Alan and Diane Kay Ringler. Weber’s parents are Cornel Weber and Brenda Lee Littig.

Eric Ray Mock, of 2742 Brookfield Road, and Brittany Lynn Simmons, same address. Mock’s parents are Cameron Ray and Mary Ellen Mock. Simmons’ parents are Ronald and Cindy Simmons.

Isaac David Whitcraft, of 1223 Wissler Lane, Mount Joy, and Jaden N. Gantz, of 3121 Mount Joy Road, Apt. D, Mount Joy. Whitcraft’s parents are David and Penny Whitcraft. Gantz’s parents are Vencee and Corice Gantz.

Ryan Zachary Zwickle, of 70 Colonial Crest Drive, Apt. 70, and Elizabeth Jean Bowman, same address. Zwickle’s parents are Wayne Edward Zwickle and Harriett Alice Fehnel. Bowman’s parents are Steven Grant and Joanne Marie Bowman.

Justin Edward Pennypacker, of 500 Pond Vista Lane, Apt. R, Manheim, and Rebecca Louise Sallee, of 354 Hilltop Drive, Leola. Pennypacker’s parents are Blaine Stanley and Kori Jo Pennypacker. Sallee’s parents Scott Allen and Karen Michelle Sallee.

Keith Robert Wakefield, of 22 S. Pitt St., Manheim, and Alexis Lynn Harrison, same address. Wakefield’s parents are Keith R. Wakefield and Ponzell Thatcher. Harrison’s parents are Matthew Harrison and Meloni Tuell.

Cesar Segundo Perez Jiminez, of 911 Clark St., and Yanela Virgi Santos, same address. Santos’ parents are Victor R. Santos and Teodora A. Martinez.

Ramon Bracero, of 1221 Union St., and Alexis Riley, same address. Bracero’s parents are Andre and Marion Bracero. Riley’s parents are John Riley and Maria Laboy.

Dustin Taylor Rohrer, of 2206 Wood St., Apt. A, and Kristi Marie Spotts, same address. Rohrer’s parents are Timothy and Deborah Rohrer. Spotts’ parents are Timothy and Kimberly Spotts.

Carlos Alfonzo Cordon Marroquin, of 4620 NW 79th Ave., Apt. 1C, Doral, Fla., and Emily Marie Salomon, of 6910 SW 44th Ave., Miami, Fla. Cordon Marroquin’s parents are Luis Cordon and Olga Marroquin. Salomon’s parents are Jon Edward and Yolanda Dee Salomon.

Nathan James Williams, of 480 Wunderly Lane, New Holland, and Amber Waddick, same address. Williams’ parents are John and Pamela Williams. Waddick’s parents are Dan Waddick and Rochelle Rehfeldt.

Andre Joshua Gonzalez, of 109 W. Frederick St., Millersville, and Lissette Estefania Carrillo, same address. Gonzalez’s parents are Carlos Alberto and Lucciola Gonzalez. Carrillo’s parents are Carlos Marcelo and Rocio Mercedes Carrillo.

Robert William Shore, of 350 E. Jackson St., New Holland, and Hailey Pay Coy, of 103 N. 11th St., Akron. Shore’s father is Robert William Shore. Coy’s parents are Lonnie and Lynn Coy.

Joshua Ryan Hafer, of 4146 Green Park Drive, Mount Joy, and Krista Ann Mamet, same address. Hafer’s parents are Curtis Ralph and Cathy Ann Hafer. Mamet’s parents are Norbert Guenther Mamet and Mary Louise Seitz Kessler.

John Patrick Kelley, of 2168 Millersville Road, and Pamela J. Greener, same address. Kelley’s parents are

Walter Kelley and Dorothea Barton. Greener’s parentsd are Robert Greener and Jane Breneman.

Easton Jackson Howard, of 308 W. Orange St., and Ashley Renee Newson, of 1414 Old Lampeter Road. Howard’s parents are Brett Kelly and Joan Marie Howard. Newson’s parents are Thomas Ray and Tina Renee Newson.

Tyler W. Klopp, of 1445 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz, and Lauren Phyllis Styer, of 13 Gary Drive. Klopp’s parents are Donald Lamar and Heidi Jo Klopp. Styer’s parents are Carl Robert and Lori Ann Styer.

Andrew Thomas Blackburn, of 402 Colonial Crest Drive, and Anna Catherine Schrader, of 738 Fairview Lane, Gap. Blackburn’s mother is Angela Tucker. Schrader’s parents are Scott and Diane Schrader.

Furkan Ege Doran, of 490 Greenland Drive, and Lisa Michelle Halstead, same address. Doran’s parents are Sunay Avci and Cem Dogan. Halstead’s parents are Keith Roy Halstead and Katherine Mary Patrick.

Tiffanie N. Magnum, of 436 Yeker Farm Lane, Allentown, and Autum J. Womer, same address. Magnum’s parents are Edward J. Granatella and Stacey L. Bigham. Womer’s mother is Tina Abel.

Mark Chever, of 408 Candlewyck Road, and Rebekah Suzanne Noel, of 105 Crosscreek Lane. Chever’s parents are John Michael and Linda McLaughlin. Noel’s parents are Daniel Bruce and Colleen Marie Noel.

Joe Don Camp, of 415 SE 177th Ave., Vancouver, Wash., and Alyson Ruth Barrett, of 302 Buch Mill Road, Lititz. Barrett’s parents are David Humphrey Barrett and Rosemary Anne Janezich.

Dylan Valenzuela Straughan, of 171 Clermont Ave., Apt. 5V, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Bridget Marie Gibbons, same address. Straughan’s parents are Baird Douglass Straughan and Mary Elizabeth Valenzuela. Gibbons’ parents are Christopher Myles and Carol McGoldrick Gibbons.

Michael Scott Diffenderfer, of 6068 Sundra Circle, East Petersburg, and Alexis Wall Bowman, of 704 Kosher Road. Diffenderfer’s parents are Neill Scott and Lori Anne Diffenderfer. Bowman’s parents are Larry Alan Bowman and Kathleen Caroline Wall.

Jonathan William Minney, of 516 W. Sunhill Road, Manheim, and Sandra Jean Sauder, same address. Minney’s parents are William Wynn and Vicki Lee Minney. Sauder’s parents are Dwight Edward Greiner and Pamela Marie Schatz.

Jason Joseph Tabor, of 1537 Stony Battery Road, and Katie Rose Bachman, same address. Tabor’s parents are Richard Stanley and Mary Grace Tabor. Bachman’s parents are Jerry Frymyer and Roxanne Lynn Bachman.

Zachary Arnold, of 9233 Fetlock Drive, Mechanicsburg, and Rachel Marie Calhoun, same address. Arnold’s parents are Mike and Annette Arnold. Calhoun’s parents are Chris Calhoun and Diane Petrak.

Justin Joel Taylor, of 3 Sundial Ave., Unit 207, Manchester, and Peyton Olivia Erb, of 508 Currier Road, Manchester. Taylor’s parents are Joel Ross and Peggy Ann Marie Taylor. Erb’s parents are Steve Bradley and Deborah Lynn Erb.

Devan Jacob H. Turner, of 30 Linden Ave., Elizabethtown, and Savannah Renee Sheaffer, of 2786 Camp Road, Manheim. Turner’s parents are Mark Andrew and Carlene K. Turner. Sheaffer’s parents are Jason Michael and Jennifer Lynn Sheaffer.

Kevin Paul Morris, of 11 Andrew Ave., Ephrata, and Rebecca Elizabeth Lewis, of 69 E. Franklin St., Apt. A, Ephrata. Morris’ parents are Larry Dale Morris and Pauline Ruth Arnold. Lewis’ parents are Gregg Alan Fulmer and Diane Lee Pistone.

Miguel Antonio Rodriguez, of 808 Union St., and Shirley Enid Rivera-Rentas, same address. Rodriguez’s father is Miguel Antonio Rodriguez. Rivera-Rentas’ parents are Angel Demetrio Rivera-Jusino and Shirley Janelle Torres.

Samuel Alan McFetridge, of 602 Greenview Drive, Denver, and Alecia Leanne Martin, of 152 Abbey Lane, Narvon. McFetridge’s parents are William George and Melissa Ann McFetridge. Martin’s parents are Jay Ashley Martin and Angela Marie Hurst.

John Thompson Seymour, of 316 Long Lane, Lititz, and Gry Brudvik, same address. Seymour’s parents are Lawrence Lee and Beryl Ann Seymour. Brudvik’s parents are Eirik Alv and Sigrid Andrea Liv Brudvik.

Neil Andrew Good, of 53 Gentle Drive, East Earl, and Caitlin Nichole Stauffer, of 512 Gristmill Road, Ephrata. Good’s parents are Neil Andrew Good and Abby Jo Sensenig. Stauffer’s parents are Jay Linford and Jennifer Lynn Stauffer.

Brian William Donovan, of 723 Kenneth Drive, Mount Joy, and Keya C. Greenya, same address. Donovan’s parents are William F. and Alice V. Donovan. Greenya’s parents are Alfred A. and Kathy A. Greenya.

Cody Tyler Mackanick, of 312 Mandarin Lane, Elizabethtown, and Danielle Joan Hammersley, same address. Mackanick’s parents are Jason William and Debra Ann Mackanick. Hammersley’s parents are Martin Chris and Diane Ellen Hammersley.