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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Jonas Richard Nissley, of 751 Stacktown Road, Bainbridge, and Alyssa Lee Dugan, same address. Nissley’s parents are John Richard and Melody Jean Nissley. Dugan’s parents are Chris Edward Dugan and Sheri Lee Charney.

Wilder Ocean Buerhaus, of 12307 Town Center Blvd, Voorhees, N.J., and Emily Desiree Kelly, same address. Buerhaus’ parents are Thomas Francis and Susan Wagner Buerhaus.

Anthony Felix Williams-Villega, of 359 N. Broad St., Floor 1, Lititz, and Dawn Marie Tamayo, same address. Williams-Villega’s parents are Daniel Nick Villega and Anastasia Lynn Williams. Tamayo’s parents are Rodney Dale and Elaine Katherine Irvin.

Derek Rahim Brown Middleton, of 351 Pattison St., Apt. 2, York, and Shanise Susan Pilgrim, of 500 Union St., Columbia. Brown Middleton’s mother is Renee Lynn Middleton. Pilgrim’s parents are David Lee Pilgrim and Shirley Ann Cover.

Andrew Thomas Wildman, of 365 Railroad St., Denver, and Emily Michelle Nix, same address. Wildman’s parents are Andrew Thomas Wildman and Renee Elizabeth Longenecker. Nix’s parents are Daniel Christopher and Sharon Lynn Nix.

Matthew Eric Jeremiah, of 258A Old Philadelphia Pike, Apt. 3, Bird-in-Hand, and Amanda Rae Consentino, same address. Jeremiah’s parents are Kevin Jeremiah and Jennifer Young. Consentino’s parents are Russell Matthew Consentino and Rosemarie Fae Schmoke.

Eric Sean Grace, of 330 Vista Circle, Ephrata, and Kristen Lynn Wentzel, same address. Grace’s parents are Michl I. Grace and Jodi I. Deel. Wentzel’s parents are Floyd G. Wentzel and Darla M. Kissinger.

Joshua David Osborne, of 1116 Penny Court, Holtwood, and Carrie Ann Aul, of 152 Cooks Landing Road, Peach Bottom. Osborne’s parents are David Dallas and Marlene Antoniette Osborne. Aul’s parents are Jerry Lee Rothenhoefer and Diane Georgette Kinser.

Bryan David Range, of 115 N. Second St., Bainbridge, and Rachel Morgan Bair, of 3720 Bossler Road, Elizabethtown. Range’s parents are Bryan David Range and Teri Sue Nolt. Bair’s parents are Joshua Michael Bair and Jessica Metzler.

Erick Matthew Macik, of 1131 Hermosa Ave., and Kylee Alizabeth Lantz, same address. Macik’s parents are Mark and Joyce Macik. Lantz’s parents are Mark and Tami Lantz.

Jesse Michael Carver, of 113 Kings Arm at Waterford, York, and Leah Nadine Groff, of 6132 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim. Carver’s parents are Wesley Tillman and Pamela Towle Carver. Groff’s parents are Daniel Gerald and Monique Miriamique Groff.

David Samuel Spriggs, of 115 Stanley Ave., Landisville, and Joelys Montosa Rios, of 317 Vista Circle, Ephrata. Spriggs’ parents are David Samuel and Ellen Jane Spriggs. Rios’ parents are Jose A. and Jocelyn Montosa.

Nicholas Lauren Powden, of 816 S. Bouldin St., Baltimore, Md., and Meghan Elizabeth Sheehan, same address. Powden’s parents are Nelson Lester and Katharine Boal Powden. Sheehan’s parents are Timothy Brendan Sheehan and Louise Jo-Ann Nigrelli.

Jesse Cummins Smith, of 17 Teakwood Circle, Elizabethtown, and Kiersten Elizabeth Olsen, same address. Smith’s parents are Brian Lee and Karla Fawn Smith. Olsen’s parents are Timothy and Karen Olsen.

James Paul Emery, of 2345 Little Hill Road, Narvon, and Janet Elaine Godbey, same address. Emery’s parents are Logan Harold and Betty Elizabeth Emery. Godbey’s parents are John William and Madelyn Ann Koehler.

Jonathan Paul Georgias, of 14 Varmar Drive, New Castle, Del., and Kaitlyn Nicole Ramsey, of 2546 S. Alder St., Philadelphia. Georgias’ parents are George and Ellen Georgias. Ramsey’s parents are Donald Lynn and Denise Lee Ramsey.

David Eugene Klopp, of 116 Meadow Lane, Lititz, and Debra Lynne Angle, same address. Klopp’s parents are Parke Klopp and Mary Jean Lineaweaver. Angle’s parents are Clyde Wingenroth and Lorraine Schmidt.

Joshua Shawn Butler, of 1275 Dry Wells Road, Quarryville, and Taylor Elizabeth Wagoner, of 270 Merchant Ave., Mount Joy. Butler’s parents are Elwood Shawn and Lisa Marie Butler. Wagoner’s parents are Robert Oscar Wagoner and Patricia Lynn Hook.

Garrett Thomas Hostetter, of 1838 Hossler Road, Manheim, and Jenelle Ranae Rohrer, of 2279 Mount Pleasant Road, Mount Joy. Hostetter’s parents are Gary Burnell and Lori Ann Hostetter. Rohrer’s parents are Jay Elvin and June Lorraine Rohrer.

James Patrick Burke, of 727 Kenneth Drive, Mount Joy, and Laura Bicksler Hughes, same address. Burke’s parents are Stephan James and Christine Mary Burke. Hughes’ parents are Bradley Bruce Bicksler and Janice Williams.

Michael Harry Leas, of 1560 N. Penryn Road, Manheim, and Linda R. Showalter, same address. Leas’ parents are John Richard Leas and Rose Marie Kreider. Showalter’s parents are Harold Stewart Brady and Jeannette Mae Henry.

Virgil Scott Weaver, of 338 Hawthorne Circle, Willow Street, and Kaycie Nicole Pletcher, same address. Weaver’s parents are Virgil Roy Weaver and Donna Bast. Pletcher’s parents are Randy Lee and Beverly Kay Pletcher.

Tylor David Bair, of 5446 Beagle Road, Elizabethtown, and Breianna Lakyn Hummer, same address. Bair’s parents are David and Michele Bair. Hummer’s parents are Robert Sidel Hummer and Stacie Lee Martin.

Robert W. Artus, of 757 Letort Road, Washington Boro, and Erin C. McGinley, same address. Artus’ parents are Robert John Artus and Louise Rose St. John. McGinley’s parents are Patrick Francis and Debra Ellen McGinley.

Steven Edward Finkenbiner, of 61 Ramsgate Lane, and Jennifer Lynne Marrrone, same address. Finkenbiner’s parents are Todd Drew Finkenbiner and Catherine Francis O’Connor. Marrone’s parents are Matthew Mark and Regina Marie Marrone.

Stamatios G. Stavrou, of 902 Felicia Court, Bel Air, Md., and Kayla Denis January, same address. Stavrou’s parents are George and Tina Stavrou. January’s parents are William Paul and Denise Lee January.

Wyatt Nathaniel Kurtz-Deutsch, of 345 College Ave., Apt. 1, and Alexandra Claire Douglas, same address. Deutsch’s parents are Wesley Allen and Debra Jo Deutsch. Douglas’ parents are Scott Richard and and Kimberly Anne Douglas.

Yousif Ahmad Abdilghani, of 335 Willow Dell Lane, Leola, and Sarah Riyadh Alqudsi, of 317B Eden Road. Abdilghani’s parents are Ahmad Abdilghani Ismaeel and Noor Ibrahim Mohammad. Alqudsi’s parents are Nibras Adnan Aal Abed Alkarim and Riyadh Radeef Alqudsi.

Thomas P. Erb, of 302 Mount Hope School Road, Willow Street, and Amanda G. Stalfire, same address. Erb’s parents are Larry Chester Erb and Brenda Jean Tucker. Stalfire’s parents are Eugene Franklin and Anne Marie Sides.

Anthony Joseph Giacomo, of 808 Westbrooke Drive, Elizabethtown, and Madison Ellen Reichenbach, same address. Giacomo’s parents are Donald Giacomo and Lynn Stumpo. Reichenbach’s parents are Edward Paul and Dawn Michelle Reichenbach.

Brian Jeffrey Macnamara, of 847 Old Hickory Road, and Grace Elaine Serafini, same address. Macnamara’s parents are Joseph and Marcella Macnamara. Serafini’s parents are Scott Serafini and Kelly Anoka.

Gary T. Moore, of 3129 Windon Ave., and Claudia B. Gomez, same address. Moore’s parents are Thomas Jay and Diane Marie Moore. Gomez’s parents are Antonio Esteban Gomez and Sally McCurdy Frazee.

Tiger Steven Sprout, of 369 Colonial Crest Drive, and Brittany Nicole Worthy, same address. Sprout’s parents are Steven Michael and Debbie Ann Sprout. Worthy’s parents are Melvin Theodore Worthy and Melissa Anne Foland.

Jeremy David Jennings, of 3166 Parker Drive, and Jessica Marie Brenner, same addess. Jennings’ parents are Bobby Elmer Jennings and Kristin Suzanne Peters. Brenner’s parents are Gregory Gene and Diane Louise Brenner.

Salvador Pelagio Vega, of 324 Hill Top Drive, Leola, and Dilennis S. Estrella-Corniel, of 1453 Monroe St., Reading. Pelagio Vega’s parents are Salvador Pelagio and Maria Vega. Estrella-Corniel’s parents are Anndy Williams Corniel and Dilenia Antonia Vargas.

Delvin Laell Weaver, of 461 Lynch Road, New Holland, and Kayla Elizabeth Martin, of 210 W. Girl Scout Road, Stevens. Weaver’s parents are Sanford Sensenig and Verna Musser Weaver.

Bryan G. Spirk, of 347 Banyan Circle Drive, and Miranda Elizabeth Heberlig, same address. Spirk’s parents are Gary and Judith Spirk. Heberlig’s parents are Greg A. Heberlig and Julie E. Leid.

Brock Micheal Hochstetler, of 1615 Michelle Drive, Apt. F-14, and Alicia Grace Pettis, of 222 E. Charlotte St., Millersville. Hochstetler’s parents are Michael Harold Hochstetler and Jennifer Lee Mills. Pettis’ parents are Gregory Steven and Maria Dibattista Pettis.

Eric Norton Scheibeler, of 702 Buckwood Lane, Lititz, and Kristin Layser Page, same address. Scheibeler’s parents are James Norton Scheibeler and Wendy Porter Hyde. Page’s parents are Gene Rolf and Marilyn Kreider Layser.

Chad M. Zellers, of 14 E. High St., Manheim, and Victoria Grace Kirkpatrick, same address. Zellers’ parents are Dale Richard and Carol Ann Zellers. Kirkpatrick’s parents are Richard M. and Pauline Kirkpatrick.

William John Shepherd, of 1569 Fallowfield Court, Crofton, Md., and Traci Suzette Krick, of 501 Pine St., Denver. Shepherd’s parents are William Lewis Shepherd and Iola Pearl Yanello. Krick’s parents are John Bowman Krick and Patricia Louise (Harris) Krick.

Michael James Good, of 210 Reily St., first floor, Harrisburg, and Nicole Renee Deck, of 65 S. Pitt St., Apt. 4, Manheim. Good’s parents are James Daniel and Karen Ruth Good. Deck’s parents are Norman Lee and Denise Louise Deck.

Michael James Hummel, of 24 Pleasure Road, Ephrata, and Natalia Martinez, same address. Hummel’s parents are Shawn Patrick and Susan Ann McCarthy. Martinez’s parents are Hernando deJesus Martinez and Ana Julia Calle Hummel.