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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Zachery Jon Stewart, of 600 Merrimon Ave., Apt. 3C, Asheville, N.C., and Christine Elizabeth Anderson, same address. Stewart’s parents are Keith J. Stewart and the late Cynthia Stewart. Anderson’s parents are William Anderson and Jeanne Anderson-Klanchar.

Andrew Lee Myers, of 935 Quasar Drive, Mount Joy, and Heather S. Brown, of 18 Kline Road, Marietta. Myers’ parents are Norman and Mabel Myers. Brown’s parents are Tyrand and Sharon Brown.

Chad Michael Gerber, of 475 Greenville Road, Denver, and Diane M. Martin, same address. Gerber’s parents are Michael S. Gerber and Debra Ann Nace. Martin’s parents are John Paul Harding and Brenda Eileen Weik.

Paul Jeffery Fredericksen, of 110 Summitville Road, New Holland, and Laura Marie Zigarelli, of 795 Cottage Brook Lane, Mechanicsburg. Fredericksen’s parents are Jeffrey Neil and Pamela Susan Fredericksen. Zigarelli’s parents are Michael Albert III and Tara Elizabeth Zigarelli.

Ascario Segarra Negron, of 525 East End Ave., and Teresa De Jesus Rodriguez, same address. Segarra Negron’s parents are the late Isabel Segarra Lopez and the late Maria Negron Velez. DeJesus Rodriguez’s parents are the late Seferino De Jesus Morales and the late Francisca Rodriguez Del Valle.

Thomas Owen Dodge Jr., of 128 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., and Natalie Simmons, same address. Dodge’s parents are Thomas Owen Sr. and Cathleen Dodge. Simmons’ parents are David John and Carole Elizabeth Simmons.

Richard Daniel Barash, of 703 Knoll Drive, Mount Joy, and Jessica Mae Cairns, same address. Barash’s parents are Keith Barash and Cynthis Funkhouser. Cairns’ parents are Wayne J. and Marcella A. Cairns.

Charles W. Rodriguez-Serrano, of 641 E. Marion St., and Maribel Mercado, same address. Rodriguez-Serrano’s parents are William Rodriguez-Martinez and Vivian Serrano-Cruz. Mercado’s parents are Ismael Mercado-Rivera and Carmen L. Mercado.

Jerome S. Heinsey, of 125 Martin Drive, Reinholds, and Lisa D. Schlack, same address. Heinsey’s parents are Clyde E. and Brenda A. Heinsey. Schlack’s parents are Donald Leroy Willard and the late Joan O. Horst.

Vince M. Ferrari, of 6157 Bayberry Ave., Manheim, and Sarah E. Lee, same address. Ferrari’s parents are Randy Alan Ferrari and Sheri L. Swope. Lee’s parents are Stacy T.V. Lee and Shirley B. Terenchin.

Randy L. Edinger, of 1801 Rohrerstown Road, and Tracey Louise Sanderson, same address. Edinger’s parents are Larry L. and Barbara Jean Edinger. Sanderson’s parents are Chester Henry and Linda Sue Sanderson.

John Alexander Smoker, of 5002 Strasburg Road, Kinzers, and Juliana Lauren Sheaffer, of 151 E. Ross St. Smoker’s parents are John Mark and Rosana May Smoker. Sheaffer’s parents are Jason Michael and Jennifer Lynn Sheaffer.

Trevor Austin Glick, of 732 Mount Vernon Road, Gap, and Regan Nicole Stoltzfus, of 2644 Conestoga Creek Road, Morgantown. Glick’s parents are Dale L. Glick and the late Carol J. Glick. Stoltzfus’ parents are Vernon J. and Rosetta M. Stoltzfus.

Darrel S. Pinkney, of 94 Cedar Acres Drive, and April L. Summers, same address. Pinkney’s parents are Charles Carrasquillo and Maryann Pinkney. Summers’ parents are Duffield B. Jr. and Tracy L. Summers.

Timothy Jon Boyd, of 17 Glenbrook Road, Leola, and Paige Erin Kimball, of 539 Pleasant Valley Road, Apt. 1, Denver. Boyd’s parents are Jonathan and Maria Boyd. Kimball’s parents are Richard and Wendi Kimball.

Mark Allen Schlukter, of 50 Penn Valley Village, Lititz, and Martie Browne, same address. Schlutker’s parents are the late Joseph Schlutker and the late Trudy Keiser. Browne’s parents are Terri Patricia Diclimente and the late Nicholas Cabbott Browne.

John David Burkholder, of 3005 Forest Hill Road, Mifflinburg, and Yolanda Anita Kurtz, of 79 Adams Lane, McVeytown. Burkholder’s parents are David and Tracy Burkholder. Kurtz’s parents are Warren and Judith Kurtz.

Courtney Lynn Hochstetler, of 30802 Country Road 56, Nappanee, Ind., and Lauralie Joy Stoltzfus, of 2714 Compass Road, Honey Brook. Hochstetler’s parents are Jonathan and Debra Hochstetler. Stoltzfus’ parents are Ben and Lois Stoltzfus.

Carl Winston Wildman, of 155 Chestnut Crossing, New Castle, Del., and Rebecca Grace Buonanno, of 2000 Hidden Valley Road, Macungie. Wildman’s parents are Scott Winston and Lynne Elizabeth Wildman. Buonanno’s parents are Thomas Gerard and Marie Elyse Buonanno.

Keith Joseph Korczykowski Jr., of 62 Mountain Spring Road, Blandon, and Rachel Kathleen Cox, of 4100 River Road, Reading. Korczykowski’ parents are Keith Korzcykowski Sr. and Teresa Martzall. Cox’s parents are Edward and Kathy Cox.

Keith Matthew Mousch, of 206 Basswood Drive, and Sarah A. Harper, of 12 S. State St., Brownstown. Mousch’s parents are Guilford Mousch and Nancy Simpkins. Harper’s parents are Charles and Debra Frey.

Eli Wayne Martin, of 597 W. Broad St., New Holland, and Michelle Renae Horst, of 1106 E. Pieffer Hill Road, Stevens. Martin’s parents are Emma Sue Martin and the late David Martin. Horst’s parents are Ray and Karen Horst.

Ovidio Zacarias Perez, of 648 Oak St., Manheim, and Zenaida Alvarez Gil, of 443 S. Main St., Manheim. Perez’s mother is the late Reina Perez Velazquez. Gil’s parents are Zenaida Gil and the late Angel Nores.

Steven E. Sheets, of 1013 River Road, Quarryville, and Tammy L. Carr, same address. Sheets’ parents are Barbara Ellington and the late Douglas Sheets. Carr’s parents are Jerry and Connie Criswell.

Anthony Michael Wolf, of 541 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz, and Sara K. Bair, same address. Wolf’s parents are Helen Erb and the late Richard Wolf. Bair’s parents are Sara McCrey and the late George Bair.

Tyler Anthony Stoltzfus, of 12 W. Liberty St., and Abby Lynn Sweigart, same address. Stoltzfus’ parents are Wayne Lee and Karen Joyce Stoltzfus. Sweigart’s parents are Johnathan Harold and Sharon Wanette Sweigart.

David John Paul Strawser, of 134 Nottingham Road, Nottingham, and Briana Lizbeth Housekeeper, same address. Strawser’s parents are David Ortiz and Kristin Strawser. Housekeeper’s parents are Larry and Deborah Housekeeper.

Curtis Allan Schuttinger, of 357 Pitney Road, and Mili Atul Patel, same address. Schuttinger’s parents are James Schuttinger and Karen Bungert. Patel’s parents are Atul and Smita Patel.

Anwar Saeed Morgan, of 718 N. Pine St., and Heather Marie Charles, of 101 Jennings Drive, Apt. K. Morgan’s parents are Carol Stackhoff and the late Steven Morgan. Charles’ parents are Robert Charles and Denise Keenen.

Bradley James Shirk, of 482 Yellow Hill Road, Narvon, and Kayla Eve Gordon, of 424 Hammertown Road, Narvon. Shirk’s parents are Wesley and Jacqueline Shirk. Gordon’s parents are Galen and Denise Gordon.

Anthony Michael Strianese Jr., of 112 Stump Road, New Providence, and Jaime L. Devonshire, of 834 Truce Road, Quarryville. Strianese’s parents are Anthony Michael Strianese Sr. and Angela Marie Conrad. Devonshire’s parents are Jere Russell Mendenhall and Kim Marie Graybeal.

Joshua Good Sr., of 124 S. Poplar St., Elizabethtown., and Danielle C. Kreider, same address. Good’s parernts are Ronald and Augusta Good. Kreider’s parents are Terry Kreider and the later Ginger Kreider.

Collin Scott Bitts, of 6 Thomas Ave., and Laura Leigh Bleacher, of 779 Long Lane. Bitts’ parents are Anthony and Lori Bitts. Bleacher’s parents are Randall and Angela Bleacher.

Michael Soike, of 2405 Rosewood Ave., Winston- Salem, N.C., and Madeline Eckenrode, of 3900 11th Street, Birmingham, Ala. Soike’s parents are David and Deborah Soike. Eckenrode’s parents are Joseph and Mary Katherine Eckenrode.

Peter Bissoondyal, of 51 Mill Pond Drive, and Stacey Rivenburg, same address. Bissoondyal’s parents are Ramdass and Bibi Bissoondyal. Rivenburg’s parents are Lee G. Rivenburg and Karen Oakley.

Matthew David Smith, of 131 Chestnut St., Lititz, and Karin Isabel Torrenegra-Castillo, same address. Smith’s parents are the late David Smith and the late Denise M. Starks. Torrenegra-Castillo’s parents are Jose A. Torrenegra-Romero and Ariett I. Bieber.

Tyler Adair Ayres, of 70 Carriage House Drive, Willow Street, and Lauren Marie Lawson, same address. Ayres’ parents are Steven Paul and Brenda Joyce Ayres. Lawson’s parents are Timothy Allen and Lisa Baker Lawson.

Nicholas Nafziger Charles, of 431 Donerville Road, and Marnice D. Davis, of 404 Fairvies Ave., West Berlin, N.J. Charles’ parents are Jesse Gingerich and Sylvia Nafziger Charles. Davis’ parents are Mark Charles and Bernice Davis.

Anthony Lawrence Mazza, of 9 W. Penn Grant Road, Willow Street, and Alexandra Leigh Reitzel, same address. Mazza’s parents are Richard Anthony and Linda Jo Mazza. Reitzel’s parents are John David Reitzel and Robin Ann Sheaffer.

Jean Carlos Veras-Hernandez, of 156 Stone House Lane, Columbia, and Jaida Lasha Cora, of 313 Butler Ave. Veras-Hernandez’s parents are Carlos A. Veras and Skarle Milagros Hernandez. Cora’s parents are Oswaldo Cora and Carmencita Calixto.

Joshua David Garman, of 610 Rutts Road, Elizabethtown, and Lourdes Regina Eby, same address. Garman’s parents are Isaac S. Jr. and Sandra L. Garman. Eby’s parents are Lauren E. and Esther L. Eby.

James B. Stillwagner, of 424 Hillside Ave., Elizabethtown, and Kayla M. Cogan, same address. Stillwagner’s parents are Sandra K. Good and the late Oliver E. Stillwagner. Cogan’s parents are Gregory A. Martin and Rebecca S. Fritsch.

Michael C. Graves Jr., of 3113 Chryst Circle, and Jennifer Louise Price, same address. Graves’ parents are Michael C. Sr. and Penny Ann Graves. Price’s parents are Robert Bourette and Mary Falcone.