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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Victor E. Alonso Aguirre, of 2219 William Penn Way, and Graciela Maldonado Roman, same address. Alonso Aguirre’s parents are Victor and Lydia Alonso. Maldonado Roman’s parents are Luz Roman and the late Ruben Maldonado.

Kenneth E. Wallace Jr., of 958 Olde Hickory Road, and Michelle Melendez, of 1506 W. Janie St., Texarkana, Texas. Wallace’s parents are Kenneth Sr. and Cheryl Wallace. Melendez’s parents are the late Erasmo Garcia Melendez and the late Norma Melendez.

Bradley David Constein, of 532 Shadetree Blvd., Manheim, and Jessica Rene Mann, of 190 Stanley Ave., Landisville. Constein’s parents are the late Gary Constein and the late Donna Constein. Mann’s parents are Bruce Misal and Josetta Reese.

Steven Michael Snyder, of 110 Detroit St., Apt. 6, Lake Worth, Fla., and Abigail Rachael Pallotta, of 855 Marina Del Ray Lane, Unit 4, West Palm Beach, Fla. Snyder’s parents are Leon and Judith Shal. Pallotta’s parents are Julius and Kathleen Pallotta.

Willliam R. Vaughan-Geib, of 1142 Oakmont Drive, and Emily N. Brubaker, of 197 Hostetter Lane. Vaughan-Geib’s parents are Jeffrey R. Geib and Dana L. Vaughan. Brubaker’s parents are Ricky L. and Debra E. Brubaker.

Robert Allan Thompson, of 218 Greenview Drive, and Lindsay Elizabeth Binder, same address. Thompson’s parents are William Allan and Molly Brennan Thompson. Binder’s parents are Melissa Kelly Binder and the late David Lee Binder.

Robert E. Harnish, of 121 Sixth St., Columbia, and Pamela S. Shifflett, same address. Harnish’s parents are Linda Alrich and the late Merle Harnish. Shifflett’s parents are Carl and Linda Bender.

Isaac Iru Acosta, of 511 E. Ross St., and Herleanny Jonahir Castillo Gomez, same address. Acosta’s parents are Caleb and Christina Acosta. Castillo Gomez’s parents are Ernesto Castillo and Ana Gomez.

Matthew Hoover Zimmerman, of 365 Farmersville Road, New Holland, and Katie M. Reiff, of 7 S. Hershey Ave., Leola. Zimmerman’s parents are Daniel and Reba Zimmerman. Reiff’s parents are Laurence and Alma Reiff.

Keith D. Frey, of 2561 Bainbridge Road, Bainbridge, and Cayla Michelle Barrick, same address. Frey’s parents are Dennis and Margie Frey. Barrick’s parents are Wendy DeGroft and the late Chad Atland.

Jason A. Queen, of 500 Garden Hill Lane, and Lisa J Rogers, same address. Queen’s parents are Terry Elliott Queen and the late Anna M. Plastino. Rogers’ parents are Linda C. Rogers and the late Robert E. Rogers.

Donald Richard Anderson III, of 175 Shreiner Road, Leola, and Julia Katherine Dougherty, same address. Anderson’s parents are Donald Jr. and Paula Anderson. Dougherty’s parents are James Rodney Dougherty and Amy Ruiz.

Adam J. Little, of 218 Silver Mine Road, Conestoga, and Chelsea Lynn Willard, same address. Little’s parents are John and Tracey Little. Willard’s parents are Timothy Willard and Lynn Sabellico.

Luis E. Casillas-Garcia, of 30 N. King St., Denver, and Cheryl J. Klopp, same address. Casillas-Garcia’s parents are Luis E. Casillas Vazques and Lydia I. Garcia. Klopp’s parents are Barry L. and Kimberly A. Klopp.

Jason Rissler Weaver, of 1275 Indiantown Road, Stevens, and Wanita Martin Good, of 633 Yellow Hill Road, Narvon. Weaver’s parents are Leroy and Edna Weaver. Good’s parents are Curvin and Mary Good.

Mark Thomas Jones, of 349 Copley Drive, and Madison Hayden Sirb, of 2293 Forest Hills Drive, Harrisburg. Jones’ parents are William and Joyce Jones. Sirb’s parents are Gregg and Mallory Sirb.

Sergio D. Maceiras, of 1401 Passey Lane, and Monica Graciela Salomon, same address. Maceiras’ parents are Ricardo and Olga Maceiras. Salomon’s parents are Ava Garnero and the late Martin Salomon.

Andrew Michael Hollinger, of 2668 Northfield Drive, East Petesburg, and Shannon Renee Philips, same address. Hollinger’s parents are Arlan and Diane Hollinger. Philips’ parents are David and Barbara Philips.

Robert David Davis, of 644 Franklin St., Columbia, and Katrina Mae Stumpf, same address. Davis’ parents are Jeffrey Davis and Suzanne Basham. Stumpf’s parents are Jonathon Stumpf and Kimberly Crawford.

David Marvin Campbell, of 900 N. Railroad Ave., New Holland, and Kathryn Faye Stoltzfus, of 194 Nolt Road, New Holland. Campbell’s parents are Sandra Campbell and the late Jason Campbell. Stoltzfus’ parents are Samuel and Sadie Stoltzfus.

Joshua Cody Hunt, of 2600 Willow Street Pike North, PMB223, Willow Street, and Elena Katarina Romanowski, same address. Hunt’s parents are Gary and Kelly Hunt. Romanowski’s parents are Wojciech and Norma Romanowski.

Ryan Matthew Harzer, of 451 W. High St., Elizabethtown, and Catrina Rae Gilbert, same address. Harzer’s parents are Ruth Kramer and the late Charles Harzer. Gilbert’s parents are David Gilbert and Jackie Anthony.

Cody Benjamin Straub, of 316 Deerfield Drive, East Earl, and Kayla Marie Bixler, same address. Straub’s parents are Christopher and Erika Straub. Bixler’s parents are Eric Bixler and Lisa Monyer.

Braden Joshua Fahnestock, of 2911 Hossler Road, Manheim, and Lisette Nicole Sauve, of 321 Little Hill. Fahnestock’s parents are Nelson and Tammy Fahnestock. Sauve’s parents are Paul and Kristin Sauve.

Joel Ramirez, of 3927 Greystone Drive, Columbia, and Ada Lydia Nunez, same address. Ramirez’s parents are Angel Luis Ramirez and Vilma Rodriguez-Maldonado. Nunez’s parents are Juan Santos Nunez and Lydia Ester Ramirez.

Jacob Andrew Vizzi, of 220 Potts Drive, Pottstown, and Lisa Micaela German, of 1910 William Penn Way. Vizzi’s parents are Anthony and Vicki Vizzi. German’s parents are Arnold German and Leah Haas.

Brian Le, of 805 N. Reservoir St., and Truc Pham, of 126 City Mill Road. Le’s parents are Son Le and Yen Nguyen. Pham’s parents are Ty Pham and Thuy Nguyen.

Timothy Wienand, of 1508 W. Main St., Place 2, Ephrata, and Denise Marie Wert, same address. Wienand’s parents are Martin Wienand and the late Barbara Noll. Wert’s parents are Rosann Moses and the late James Wert.

Timothy Joseph Martin, of 6420 Dorset Drive, Alexandria, Va., and Heather Lynne Martin, same address. Timothy Martin’s parents are Edward Martin and Mary Harknett-Martin. Heather Martin’s parents are Delmas and Carol Martin.

Michael S. Witman, of 688 Oak Tree Road, Manheim, and Linda K. Paquette, same address. Witman’s parents are the late Earl Richard Witman and the late Joan Witman. Paquette’s parents are Gilbert Drake and the late Joyce Schutt.

Paul John McMichael, of 3266 Turkey Hill Road, Stroudsburg, and Caroline Janet Schairer, of 369 Wheatfield Drive, Lititz. McMichael’s parents are Dennis Paul and Barbara Joe McMichael. Schairer’s parents are David Dale and Beth Louise Schairer.

David Allen Barley, of 568 Westfield Drive, New Holland, and Janina Lynelle Livengood, of 434 Strasburg Pike. Barley’s parents are Allen Wayne and Dorinda Jean Barley. Livengood’s parents are Nelson G. and Linda Sue Livengood.

Maxon W. Coty, of 127 W. Kendig Road, Willow Street, and Katelyn M. Elliott, of 2602 Valley View Drive. Coty’s parents are Wayne H. Jr. and Amy C. Coty. Elliott’s parents are Micheal G. Elliott and Mary A. Kohler.

Jason D. Lindemuth, of 445 New Dorwart St., and Michelle L. Griesemer, same address. Lindemuth’s parents are Deborah A. Lindemuth and the late Jay B. Lindemuth. Greisemer’s parents are Douglas E. Jr. and Marilyn B. Greisemer.

Justin Patrick Falstick, of 1791 Hemlock Road, and Ashley Lynn Dom, same address. Falstick’s parents are Scott Wayne Falstick and Dawn Marie Davenport. Dom’s parents are Barry Bernell and Brenda Lee Dom.

Christopher M. Summers, of 451 N. Colebrook Road, Manheim, and Shelby Lynn Huber, of 1163 Newport Road, Manheim. Summers’ parents are Patsy A. Summers and the late Martin J. Summers. Huber’s parents are Leon L. and Corrine S. Huber.

Joseph David Evans, of 704 Prospect Road, Columbia, and Brooke Elizabeth Spence, of 4426 Marietta Ave., Columbia. Evans’ parents are Patrick Daniel and Nina Ann Evans. Spence’s parents are Jesse Steven and Kristine Loise Spence.

Nicholas Mario Dangelo, of 416 Judie Lane, and Odalis Vanessa Rodriguez, same address. Dangelo’s parents are Mario Dangelo and the late Deidre A. Riddle. Rodriguez’s parents are Jose D. Rodriguez and Raysa M. Lugo-Perez.

Michael Jay Hess, of 106 Colonial Crest Drive, and Ann Elizabeth Hood, of 616 Paxton Place, Lititz. Hess’ parents are the late Jay B. Hess and the late Joyce L. Hess. Hood’s parents are the late Benton D. Fry and the late Justine Fry.

John Elliott Risser, of 20 Cameron Ave., Cambridge, Mass., and Margaret Lewis Golden, same address. Risser’s parents are Jeffrey E. and Dyan S. Risser. Golden’s parents are Philip F. and Melissa S. Golden.