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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Ellwood Ivins Deeg Jr., of 416 Manor St., Columbia, and Valerie Lyn Colebank, same address. Deeg’s parents are the late Ellwood I. Deeg and the late Hilda M. Deeg.

Bradley N. Hay, of 114 Green St., Christiana, and Emily N. Priddy, of 133 Jackson Road, Christiana. Hay’s parents are Paul R. Hay and Andrea J. Moore. Priddy’s parents are Jeffery S. and Sheri L. Priddy.

Luis Xavier Zalazar-Dominguez, of 511 E. Ross St., and Grecia Xiarlimar Alcala Acosta, of 310 Curby Drive, Mountville. Zalazar-Dominguez’s parents are Luis Humberto Zalazar and Wanda Ivelisse Dominguez. Alcala Acosta’s parents are Liarxis Le Bit Alcala and Mara Evangelina Acosta de Alcala.

Craig Michael Phelps, of 87 Green Lane, Nottingham, and Frances V. Dejesse, same address. Phelps’ parents are Carole Phelps and the late John Phelps. Dejesse’s parents are the late Robert Rossiter and the late Frances Rossiter.

Timothy James Mast, of 133 Flowing Spring Road, Atkins, Va., and Carla Rose Smoker, same address. Mast’s parents are James and Kathy Mast. Smoker’s parents are Jay and Amy Smoker.

Joshua Dale Yoder, of 30 N. Mary St., and Sara Nicole Jacob, same address. Yoder’s parents are Dale and Joann Yoder. Jacob’s parents are Mark and Kathlyn Jacob.

Pha Lo, of 425 Reifsnyder Road, Lititz, and Elizabeth Vang, same address. Lo’s parents Blia Vang and the late Koua Lo. Vang’s parents are Yang and Ke Yang.

Julian Ambrose Sniffen, of 2410 Sycamore Lane, Edgewood, Md., and Katlyn Thanh Thuy Easter, of 20301 Beaconfield Terrace, Apt. 102, Germantown, Md. Sniffen’s parents are Katherine Ann Sniffen and the late Raymond Anthony Sniffen. Easter’s parents are Randall Jay and Thu-Ha Dao Easter.

Nicholas Anthony Watt, of 71 Hillcrest Drive, Manheim, and Jannese Marie Wood, same address. Watt’s parents are William Earl Jr. and Claudia Anne Watt. Wood’s parents are Robert John and Georgine Marilyn Wood.

Donald P. Gallagher, of 358 Holly Lane, and Julia Witmer Holland, same address. Gallagher’s parents are Marion Jeanne Gallagher and the late Edward Frances Gallagher Jr. Holland’s parents are the late Richard Howell Witmer and the late Virginia Evelyn Witmer.

Camilla Sue Richesson, of 1530 Bloomfield Way, Landisville, and Nancy S. Schuyler, same address. Richesson’s parents are Rodney Irvin Richesson and the late Sylvia Lafawn Richesson. Schuyler’s parents are David Paul Schuyler and the late Marsha Sener Schuyler.

Edward G. Burns, of 44 Witmer Road, Conestoga, and Cynthia A. Heiland, same address. Burns’ parents are the late Edward F. Burns and the late Eileen P. McHenry. Heiland’s parents are the late Leo J. Heiland Sr. and the late Margaret J. Heiland.

Luis Main, of 1427 Landisville Road, Manheim, and Andrea Ramona Santiago, same address. Marin’s parents are Jose Marin and Hilda Gonzalez. Santiago’s parents are Jose Enrique Santiago and Michelle Lea Sevast.

Andrew Philip Derisma, of 266 Colonial Crest Drive, and Emily Ierene Smith, of 216 W. Main St., Ephrata. Derisma’s parents are Annsonn and Margarita Lallane Derisma. Smith’s parents are Robert Claude and Diane Louise Smith.

Brandon K. Brown, of 1254 St. Joseph St., and Jovvani Esther Granthon, same address. Brown’s parents are Mark W. and Pamela J. Brown. Granthon’s parents are Jimmy E. and Jovvani O. Granthon.

Eddie John Ahorrio Martinez, of 434 S. Christian St., and Mildred Diaz Torres, same address. Ahorrio Martinez’s parents are Eddie Manuel Ahorrio Savedra and Iris Betsy Martinez Ramos. Torres’ parents Ana Beatriz Torres Perez and the late Jesus Nicacio Diaz Ribot.

Robert E. Flaharty III, of 538 Martic Heights Drive, Holtwood, and Maria Anne Lawrence, same address. Flaharty’s parents are Robert E. Jr. and Barbara A. Flaharty. Lawrence’s parents are Charles Junior Robbins Sr. and the late Pauline Annabelle Robbins Sumey.

Shyheim Hysaun Moore, of 22 Patterson St., York, and Tylia Marie Henson, of 540 Poplar St. Moore’s parents are Robert Moore and Angelia Hoover-Price. Henson’s parents are Tyler Henson II and Marycelitz Ruiz.

Timothy S. McGuire, of 150 Owl Hill Road, Lititz, and Peggy A. Mast, same address. McGuire’s parents are the late Donald McGuire and the late Doris McGuire. Mast’s parents are the late Daniel Mast and the late Mildred Mast.

Brent A. Hoffner, of 977 Rettew Mill Road, Lot 78, Ephrata, and Kelly J. Zimmerman, same address. Hoffner’s parents are Robert and Kathleen Hoffner. Zimmerman’s parents are Gerald Zimmerman and Charlene Sweigart.

Cody R. Good, of 2344 Donegal Springs Road, Marietta, and Camrie M. Johns, same address. Good’s parents are Linda Good and the late Leon R. Good. Johns’ parents are Gregory and Christine Nell.

Jeremy L. Daise, of 2622 Chestnut View St., and Logan N. Miller, same address. Daise’s parents are Calvin L Daise and Lisa J. Sadden. Miller’s parents are James P. and Susan D. Miller.

Jarrod D. Harleman, of 217 Colonial Crest Drive, and Kimberly N. Bobetsky, same address. Harleman’s parents are Mark J. and Tammy J. Harleman. Bobetsky’s parents are Andrew P. Bobetsky and Karin A. Stevens.

Benjamin Luke Wright, of 60 W. Main St., Landisville, and Taylor Jade Lease, same address. Wright’s parents are Michael Duane and Sheila Ann Wright. Lease’s parents are Michael Earl Lease and Nancy Lynn Kerlinger.

Dabi Laboy, of 426 Dauphin St., and Guayronexxa Gonzalez, same address. Laboy’s parents are Felipa Laboy and the late Dolores Laboy. Gonzalez’s parents are Genaro Mercado Mendez and Maria Dolores Cintron.

Kushtrim Ajeti, of 41 Covington Court, Mount Joy, and Kiomara Leon-Santos, same address. Ajeti’s parents are Sakib Ajeti and the late Sanji Ajeti. Leon-Santos’ parents are Adelina Santos and the late Miguel Angel Leon.

Eduin Jimenez Lebron, of 573 Kensington Terrace, and Yazmin Joe Torres Colon, same address. Jimenez Lebron’s parents are Enercido Jimenez Rivera and Altagracia Lebron Y. Jimenez. Torres Colon’s parents are Samuel Torres and Linda Zoe Colon.

Dominigue Jordan Miller-Shell, of 2220 Coventry Road, and Shayna Lyani Rosario Gonzalez, same address. Miller-Shell’s parents are James Reichenbach and Aicia Alston. Rosario Gonzalez’s parents are Jose Rosario Morales and Maria Gonzalez.