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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Charles Irwin Gould, of 733 Palmer Circle, Lititz, and Julia Marie Casselbury, of 370 Sarsen Drive, Lititz. Gould’s parents are Todd and Sheryl Gould. Casselbury’s parents are Richard and Mary Casselbury.

Tyler Lee Harris, of 1935 Pickering Trail, and Alyssa Christine Coleman, of 2816 Brookfield Road. Harris’ parents are Mark L. and Sue E. Harris. Coleman’s parents are Robert L. Jr. and Linda L. Coleman.

Adrian Michael Krall, of 445 N. Oak St., Lititz, and Rachel Ariana Kaplan, same address. Krall’s parents are Troy Krall and Doris Vargas. Kaplan’s parents are Michael Kaplan and Gina Thompson.

Tristan Charles Hoffman, of 14 Yardley Green, and Larissa Brittany Trimble, same address. Hoffman’s parents are Douglas Eugene Hoffman and Kathy Jean Hand. Trimble’s parents are Linda Jane Trimble and the late Glenn Lamar Trimble.

Cameron Kell Naylor, of 65 W. Dongal St., Mount Joy, and Jessica Lynn Craft, same address. Naylor’s parents are David Naylor and Julie Kell. Craft’s parents are Patricia Calvalier and the late James Craft.

Vincent Anthony Demeo, of 30 King Pen Road, Nottingham, and Lauren Mae Jackson, of 128 Kirks Mill Road, Nottingham. Demeo’s parents are Anthony L. Jr. and Patricia A. Demeo. Jackson’s parents are Joseph E. Jr. and Mary E. Jackson.

Daniyel A. Hrishka, of 430 Smoketown Road, Denver, and Alisa Zakharov, of 6 Hayloft Road, Denver. Hrishka’s parents are Olekesy and Olena Hrishka. Zakharov’s parents are Pavel and Vera Zakharov.

Jonathan Ryan Torres, of 508 Central Manor Road, and Anne Marie Cramer, of 1258 E. Newport Road, Lititz. Torres’ parents are Edwin and Noemi Torres. Cramer’s parents are Todd Gontz and Tiffany Reynolds.

Adam Dhlamini, of 508 N. Kinzer Road, Kinzers, and Kirstin Kara Heyne, same address. Dhlamini’s parents are Ishmael Dhlamini and Bridget Kuruneri. Heyne’s parents are Paul Heyne and Kathy Reed.

Brian Joseph Lutz, of 2856 Lincoln Highway East, Ronks, and Michelle L. Morris, of 5973 Main St., East Petersburg. Lutz’s parents are Dennis and Dawn Ilene Lutz. Morris’ parents are Robert Harris and Virginia Lee Morris.

Tyler Garrett Williams, of 121 Medal Way, Magnolia, Del., and Shontayla L. Folks-Miller, same adress. Williams’ parents are Willie and Lanette Williams. Folks-Miller’s parents are Frank Miller and Denise Bookman.

Wendell Shaun Esbenshade, of 1 Echo Valley Drive, New Providence, and Melissa J. Siwiec, same address. Esbenshade’s parents are Wilmer and Janice Esbenshade. Siwiec’s parents are William Siwiec and Dona Hullihen.

Lawrence P. Bopp, of 3118 Woodridge Drive, Landisville, and Zachary T. Frantz, same address. Bopp’s parents are Dieter T. and Grace I. Bopp. Frantz’s parents are Michael T. and Pamela M. Frantz.

Joseph John Pepe, of 120 Pennshire Drive, and Karen Jeanette Schwander, same address. Pepe’s parents are John and Linda Pepe. Schwander’s parents are Gary and Teresa Schwander.

Matthew Christopher Hunzer, of 646 Shiloh Pike, Bridgeton, N.J., and Katherine Ann Barbeck, same address. Hunzer’s parents are Joseph and Victoria Hunzer. Barbeck’s parents are Gary and Leigh Barbeck.

Brett L. Albright, of 1091 Prospect Road, Columbia, and Taylor Nichole Diehl, of 669 W. Chestnut St. Albright’s parents are Beverly Bane Albright and the late Wayne Richard Gebhard Sr. Diehl’s parents are Annette Marie Diehl and the late Jefrey Allen Diehl.

Cesar J. Burgos, of 7 Singer Ave., Gordonville, and Idaliz Santana Santana, same address. Burgos’ parents are Bienbenido Burgos and Luz Celeste Velez. Santana Santana’s parents are Brigida Santana and the late Basilio Santana.

Colin William Schoenberger, of 781 Greentree Road, Elizabethtown, and Michelle Elizabeth Becker, same address. Schoenberger’s parents are Brian Rudolph and Diane Louise Schoenberger. Becker’s parents are Daniel Henry Jr. and Pamela Jean Becker.

Kyle David Amoroso, of 13 Back Country Road, Barto, and Makayla Lynn Cacciola, of 747 Northpoint Road, Gap. Amoroso’s parents are Stephen and Patricia Anne Amoroso. Cacciola’s parents are Thomas James and Constance Lynn Cacciola.

Tyler Allen Strausbaugh, of 1553 Habacker Road, Columbia, and Kyla Makinzie Stoltzfus, of 4137 Jasmine Place, Mount Joy. Strausbaugh’s parents are Matthew A. and Kristine K. Strausbaugh. Stoltzfus’ parents are Carl D. and Nicole Y. Stoltzfus.

Megan Mercedes Valentin, of 333 Cobblestone Lane, and Christina Gail Ragin, same address. Valentin’s parents are Herman Valentin and Felicia Franco. Ragin’s parents are Tommy Ragin and Yolanda Wilson.

Shawn Christopher Graham, of 51 Arrowhead Drive, Lititz, and Sarah B. Mellinger, same address. Graham’s parents are Jeffrey Allen and Michelle Catherine Graham. Mellinger’s parents are William Joseph and Caroline Sarafina Bernat.

Christopher Tyler Meyerhoffer, of 240 Stevens Ave., and Janice Marie Lopez, of 183 Samuel Road. Meyerhoffer’s parents are Todd Michael Meyerhoffer and Maria Eunice Vargas. Lopez’s parents are Jose Agapito and Carmen Lopez.

Fabian Abel Martinez, of 71 Lincoln West Drive, Mountville, and Jessica Cintron, same address. Martinez’s parents are Monseratte and Gloria Aponte-Martinez. Cintron’s mother is Elizabeth Gonzalez.

Richard-Paul Fajardo Carlos, of 54 Bradford Drive, Leola, and Moriah Celene Segarra, of 203 S. 14th Ave., Coatesville. Carlos’ parents are Rolando Santos and Ranuela Carlos. Segarra’s parents are Martin and Celenia Segarra.

Henry Haskell Fooshee, of 1075 Park Place, Apt. 207, San Mateo, Calif., and Joell Jaclyn Garner, same address. Fooshee’s parents are Richard Fooshee and Johanna Cressy. Garner’s parents are Jack and Joi Garner.

Eric Scott Griesemer, of 708 Keller Drive, Lititz, and Ashley Rose Jones, same address. Griesemer’s parents are Scott Griesemer and Patricia Fossler. Jones’ parents are Daniel and Kim Jones.

Jordan S. Steffy, of 231 N. Shippen St., and Kiandra Dawn Bair, of 705 N. President Ave. Steffy’s mother is Shari L. Steffy. Bair’s parents are Raymond Boots and Carla Bair.

Angel Manuel Felix, of 43 S. Second St., Apt. 10, Columbia, and Karla Michelle Figueroa, same address. Felix’s parents are Manuel Felix and Abigail DeJesus. Figueroa’s parents are Edgardo Figueroa and Milagros Vazquez.

Luis Angel Oliveras, of 414 Rockland St., and Noris Santiago, same address, Oliveras’ parents are Dominga Gonzalez and the late Leopordo Oliveras. Santiago’s parents are the late Samuel Santiago and the late Nelda Carrasquillo.

Patrick John Rebman, of 3267 River Road, Conestoga, and Jacqueline Marie Yarnall, same address. Rebman’s parents are Earl and Lois Rebman. Yarnall’s parents are Brian Moore and Tricia Devlin.

Kenneth Troy Dishman, of 15 Maple Drive, Columbia, and Angela Jean Ross, same address. Dishman’s parents are Barbara Anne Getz and the late Hillard Jack Dishman. Ross’ parents are William Mike Hodson and Marna Ann Williams.

John F. Fisher, of 1278 Furniss Road, Peach Bottom, and Anna Marie Stoltzfus, of 357 Newburg Road, Newburg. Fisher’s parents are Amos and Martha Fisher. Stoltzfus’ parents are John Z. and Lydia S. Stoltzfus.

Gilberto Sanchez Jr., of 929 W. Vine St., and Misty D. Tirado, same address. Sanchez’s parents are Gilberto Sanchez Sr. and Evelyn Roman. Tirado’s parents are Hector Lee Tirado and Diane Lee Bonigut.

Kijuana Ray Hoover, of 91 N. Lime Road, Stevens, and Naomi Theara Tortoello, same address. Hoover’s parents are Nevin and Cynthia Hoover. Tortoello’s parents are Peter and Mary Tortoello.

Randall Duane Lewis Jr., of 333 Kelly Ave., Mount Joy, and Katie Elizabeth Hockenberry, same address. Lewis’ parents are Randall Duane Sr. and Judy Lewis. Hockenberry’s parents are Robert and Betsy Hockenberry.