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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Alexander Charles Daminger and Megan Renee Carr. Daminger’s parents are Michael Joseph and Kathleen Denise Daminger. Carr’s parents are Joseph James and Tammy Lyn Carr.

Bradley Charles Smith, of 215 Tumblestone Drive, Mount Joy, and Julia Marie Arment, same address. Smith’s parents are Leonard Clyde and Marlana Jo Smith. Arment’s parents are Robert Eugene and Donna Marie Arment.

Juan Julius Cruz, of 13 W. Fourth St., Quarryville, and Kerstin Anne Phipps, same address. Cruz’s parents are Juan Cruz Jr. and Ada Rivera. Phipps’ parents are Gary Phipps and Jessica Gardner.

Alphonsus Daniel Romejko, of 1892 Turnpike Road, Elizabethtown, and Chelsea Nicole Lamb, same address. Romejko’s parents are Alphonsus Stephen Romejko and Maryrose Dow. Lamb’s parents are Donald Thomas and Nanette Katherine Lamb.

Matthew B. Fioravaniti Jr., of 103 Giles Court, Salem Woods, Newark, Del., and Samantha Rene Eby, of 365 Martin Ave., Mount Joy. Fioravaniti’s parents are Matthew B. Sr. and Jen Fioravaniti. Eby’s parents are Kevin and Michaele Eby.

Jack B. Miller, of 2471 Impala Drive, Ronks, and Tracy Ann Shultz, of 131 Mallard Drive. Miller’s parents are the late William Miller and the late Almada Miller. Shultz’s parents are the late Gerald Shultz and the late Josephine Shultz.

Byron Cobly Tuell Jr., of 145 Ruby St., Mountville, and Olivia Winters Keller, same address. Tuell’s parents are Byron Colby Sr. and Michelle Yvette Tuell. Keller’s parents are Maximillian Von and Bobbi Jo Keller.

Andrew Dalton Snyder, of 909 Hannah Drive, Lititz, and Brooke Taylor Hess, of 227 Main St., Denver. Snyder’s parents are Dana Wilson and Tambra Lynn Snyder. Hess’ parents are Shane Paul Hess and Jody Lynn Gochenauer.

Clayton Andrew Houck, of 209 Rainbow Road, Coatesville, and Summer Rose Stoltzfus, of 27 Celeste Lane, Coatesville. Houck’s parents are Kenneth and Nadine Houck. Stoltzfus’ parents are Benjamin and Shelly Stoltzfus.

Matthew Wayne Glick, of 326 Churchtown Road, Narvon, and Bethany Maria Petersheim, of 5925 Buena Vista Road, Gap. Glick’s parents are Melvin and Maryann Glick. Petersheim’s parents are Christian and Lydia Petersheim.

Dylan Michael Martin, of 111 N. Sadsbury Court, Gap, and Kristen Amanda Huffman, of 810 Bellevue Ave., Gap. Martin’s parents are Thomas Paul and Donna Lynn Martin. Huffman’s parents are Robert Anthony Townsend and Margie Honey Huffman.

Karson Robert Beane, of 21 Fairview Road, Kirkwood, and Kurstin Danielle Christaldi, of 225 Lancaster Ave., Strasburg. Beane’s parents are Danny and Rhonda Beane. Christaldi’s parents are Eric Christaldi and Tracey Diffendall.

Jack Morgan Warner, of 215 S. Jackson St., Strasburg, and Devon Miranda Cadzow, of 465 Lancer Drive, Columbia. Warner’s parents are Scott Allan and Tonya Rae Warner. Cadzow’s parents are Hugh Donald and Tracy Lynn Cadzow.

Zachary James Huber, of 603 Martin Ave., Mount Joy, and Angela Faith Winczewski, same address. Huber’s parents are Larry and Kimberly Huber. Winczewski’s parents are Eileen Ordway and the late Stephen Winczewski.

Jonathan D. Merilatt, of 135 S. Market St., Ephrata, and Gretchen Nicole Shenk, of 172 S. Market St., Ephrata. Merilatt’s parents are Timothy Merilatt and Paula Guild. Shenk’s parents are Wayne and Stephanie Shenk.

Eric Anthony Olena, of 338 Lancaster Ave., and Lisa Marie Breneman, same address. Olena’s parents are Tuffield Shawn and Brenda Olena. Breneman’s parents are Harry and Lowmann Breneman.

Jeremy William Copenhaver, of 108 Garrett Circle, Ephrata, and Vita V. Mazzola, same address. Copenhaver’s parents are Walter and Jonnie Copenhaver. Mazzola’s parents are Giuseppe and Francesca Mazzola.

Andrew Hahn, of 1856 Agape Court, East Earl, and Jessica Lin Sensenig, of 674 New Holland Road, New Holland. Hahn’s parents are Anthony and Carolyn Hahn. Sensenig’s parents are Nolan and Donna Sensenig.

Zachary Lee McNitt, of 336 Highlawn Ave., Elizabethtown, and Hannah Rae Holl, of 437 E. Park St., Elizabethtown. McNitt’s parents are Jacob Allen McNitt and Angela Marie Heisey. Doll’s parents are Jason John and Melissa Marie Doll.

David Michael Raubenstine, of 11 Highland Drive, and Anna Lisabet Ahlseen, same address. Raubenstine’s parents are Robert Earl and Mella Jean Raubenstein. Ahlseen’s parents are Jeffrey T. and Anna C. Ahlseen.

Aaron Michael Myers, of 234 Tumblestone Drive, Mount Joy, and Michelle Lynn Field, same address. Myers’ parents are John and Karen Myers. Field’s parents are Arthur and Carol Field.

Gregory K. Rohrer, of 12 Ann Road, Leola, and Melissa C. Gates, same address. Rohrer’s parents are Richard and Delores Rohrer. Gates’ parents are Robert and Gloria Gates.

Jeffrey Joseph Doll, of 27 Dusk St., Quarryville, and Vilaivan Souphavong, same address. Doll’s parents are the late Charles Doll and the late Dorothy Doll. Souphavong’s parents are Ouakha Opmalay and the late Kee Souphavong.

Douglas Ray Bair, of 237 N. State St., Ephrata, and Tracey Ann McLean, same address. Bair’s parents are the late Jason Bair and the late Anna Bair. McLean’s parents are Dianna Lynch and the late William Smith.

Prasad Krishnakurup, of 917 Daleview Drive, Silver Spring, Md., and Amanda Emaline Kreider, of 660 Valley Road, Quarryville. Krishnakurup’s parents are Krishnakurup P. Narayana and Usha Varghese. Kreider’s parents are Arthur W. and Daria W. Kreider.

Elvin Garman Newswanger, of 799 Gristmill Road, Ephrata, and Lois Leid Zimmerman, of 1792 Kramer Mill Road, Denver. Newswanger’s parents are Noah Newswanger and the late Ella Garman. Zimmerman’s parents are Lawrence Zimmerman and Lizzie Leid.

Matthew Darnell Brady, of 13703 Richmond Park, Jacksonville, Fla., and Brittany Rose Jones, same address. Brady’s parents are Stephen P. and Jennifer Lynn Brady. Jones’ parents are Derek and Joanne Mary Jones.

Caleb Jeremiah Greiner, of 86 E. Hernley Road, Manheim, and Bethany Jo Hurst, of 1519 Brunnerville Road, Lititz. Greiner’s parents are Nevin L. and Bonita R. Greiner. Hurst’s parents are Raymond C. and Elva B. Hurst.

Davon Trent Weaver, of 68 Fairview Road, Lititz, and Victoria Cheyenne Nolt, of 95 Brubaker Road, Lititz. Weaver’s parents are Dwane M. and Colleen M. Weaver. Nolt’s parents are Winifred M. and Jewel E. Nolt.

Simon Stephan Sinyagin, of 19 Kennedy Drive, Ephrata, and Elina I. Opalko, of 125 Meadow Valley Road, Ephrata. Sinyagin’s parents are Andrey and Olga Sinyagin. Opalko’s parents are Ivan and Larissa Opalko.

Jordan E. Moyer, of 58 N. Railroad Ave., New Holland, and Shianne A. Fellenbaum, same address. Moyer’s parents are Robert A. Moyer Jr. and Nicole L. Brallier. Fellenbaum’s parents are Brian K. Fellenbaum and Lisa J. Kurtz.

Joshua Charles Muckenfuss, of 175 Crest Ave., and Catherine Ann Stoltzfus, same address. Muckenfuss’ parents are Kenneth L. and Nancy L. Muckenfuss. Stoltzfus’ parents are Reuben J. and Rachel F. Stoltzfus.

Paul J. Stoltzfus III, of 164 Cedar St., Corning, N.Y., and Elizabeth Anne Martin, of 5488 Horst Road, Chambersburg. Stoltzfus’ parents are Paul J. Jr. and Mary A. Stoltzfus. Martin’s parents are James A. and Anne E. Martin.

William Z. Stum, of 100 Market St., Bainbridge, and Sarah A. Smith, same address. Stum’s parents are William Robert and Cynthia Ann Stum. Smith’s parents are Joseph Edward Smith and Debra Lee Hall.

Ryan Marc Montgomery, of 155 Mechanic St., Reinholds, and Michelle Lynn Auker, same address. Montgomery’s parents are Mark David Montgomery and Cynthia Louise Showalter. Auker’s parents are Jerry Ray Auker and Wendy Marie Fassnacht.

Jesse A. Brubacher, of 113 Wyneberry Drive, Ephrata, and Sarah E. Leisey, of 1025 Kleinfeltersville Road, Stevens. Brubacher’s parents are David M. and Ingrid L. Brubacher. Leisey’s parents are Bruce R. and Beverly A. Leisey.

Thomas R. Howe, of 217 Colonial Drive, Akron, and Barbara J. Mongiovi, of 55 Walnut Drive, Ephrata. Howe’s parents are Sandra Louise Howe and the late Robert Leroy Howe. Mongiovi’s parents are Beverly Ann Ludwig and the late Walter Anthony Schilling.

Jonathan Andrew Doolittle, of 1160 Canadochly Road, York, and Lauren Marie Schiel, same address. Doolittle’s parents are David Allen and Martha Susan Doolittle. Schiel’s parents are Toby Andrew and Brenda Lynn Shiel.

Theodore Robert King, of 547 Airport Road, New Holland, and Courtney Lynn Olson, same address. King’s parents are Theodore Robert King and the late Nancy Ann King. Olson’s parents are David Garland Jr. and Maryann Olson.

Joshua M. Zimmerman, of 63 Heron Road, Lititz, and Janae Lynn Stoyanovitch, same address. Zimmerman’s parents are Mervin Ray and Lori Anne Zimmerman. Stoyanovitch’s parents are Joe Anthony and Laurie Ann Stoyanovitch.

Alexander Bruno Unger, of 9004 Forest Mill Court, Owings Mill, Md., and Kristen Beall Potter, same address. Unger’s parents are Glenn L. and Sharon R. Unger. Potter’s parents are William S. and Karen B. Potter.

Earl Fahnestock, of 215 Fairland Road, Manheim, and Marian E. Miller, of 416 Thrush Drive, Manheim. Fahnestock’s parents are the late J. Ira Fahnestock and the late Erma Fahnestock. Miller’s parents are Kathleen Brandt and the late Roy L. Brandt.

Antonie Michel, of 3 Archer St., Freeport, N.Y., and Lisa D. Miljoner, same address. Michel’s parents are Dulange Michel and the late Cynthia Kershaw. Milioner’s parents are Irving D. Milioner and Maryellen Byers.

Lavon Nolt Huber, of 1069 Silver Hill Road, Narvon, and Julianna Beth Wise, of 915 Greenville Road, Denver. Huber’s parents are Leonard L. and Arlene M. Huber. Wise’s parents are Galen L. and Catharine W. Wise.