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The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Willy Gatharia Karanja, of 1335 Meadowcreek Lane, and Faith Kathryn Lackl, same address. Karanja’s parents are George and Mary Ndungu. Lackl’s mother is the late Mary Conklin.

Joshua Michael Shetrompf, of 300 Pond Vista Lane, Manheim, and Olivia Quinn Legenstein, same address. Shetrompf’s parents are Rodney Michael Shetrompf and Karry Anne Graver. Legenstein’s parents are Joseph Walter and Kirsty Anne Legenstein.

Robert Philip Dean, of 224 Cindalyn Drive, New Holland, and Lisa A. Felizzi, of 191 Wecaf Road, No. B, New Holland. Dean’s parents are the late Bernard B. Dean and the late Sheila M. Dean. Felizzi’s parents are Anne K. Brick and the late Donald R. Brick.

James William Stambaugh, of 1201 St. Joseph St., and Christina Marie Parker, same address. Stambaugh’s parents are George Stambaugh and the late Marcia A. Stambaugh. Parker’s parents are David G. Parker Sr. and Shirley M. Mack.

Andrew Scott Rutter, of 878 NC Highway 48, Roanoke Rapids, N.C., and Brittney Dawn Anderson, same address. Rutter’s parents ar Martin W. and Bonny L. Rutter. Anderson’s parents are Donald W. and Beth I. Anderson.

Joseph Michael Palumbo, of 116 Knollwood Drive, and Carla Marie Esbenshade, same address. Palumbo’s parents are John Palumbo and Sandra Ruth Castle. Esbenshade’s parents are Barry Lee and Maria Elena Esbenshade.

Michael A. Croft, of 629 Cromwell Circle, Willow Street, and Natalie V. Campbell, same address. Croft’s parents are Robert Allen and Jodie Lynn Croft. Campbell’s parents are Neil Frank Jr. and Anita Lynn Giampietro.

Ryan Steele Chillas, of 367 Alden Drive, and Abigail Weeks Patterson, same address. Chillas’ parents are Carl and Donna Chillas. Patterson’s parents are Matthew and Sarah Patterson.

Darin Robert Knutsen, of 2108 Edisonville Road, Strasburg, and Shirley Abigail Drot de Gourville, of 49 Strasburg Pike, Apt. B. Knutsen’s parents are Todd and Laurie Knutsen. Drot de Gourville’s parents are Martin Drot de Gourville and Celia Roggio.

Joshua T. Zeager, of 5714 Bossler Road, Elizabethtown, and Alicia Brian, same address. Zeager’s parents are James and Yvonne Zeager. Brian’s parents are Mary Moon and the late Craig Jobman.

Austin Wade Hurst, of 168 Lauschtown Road, Denver, and Salome Mae Hoover, of 101 Hoover Lane, Loysville. Hurst’s parents are Dennis Lynn and Susan Good Hurst. Hoover’s parents are John David and Arlene E. Hoover.

Mitchell Lee Messner, of 551 Greenview Drive, Denver, and Jennifer Rose Forney, of 3 Locust Lane, Leola. Messner’s parents are Kevin L. Messner and Lori M. Hughes. Forney’s parents are Paul F. and Karen L. Forney.

Chandler Cord Pope, of 1397 Douglas Drive, Denver, and Heidi A. Witmer, of 320 Marticville Road, Conestoga. Pope’s parents are Cesario Colon and Janice May Pope. Witmer’s parents are Frederick and Dona Witmer.

Alex Tyler Fossler, of 1060 N. Charlotte St., and Jessica Elizabeth Charles, of 218 Mill St., Manheim. Fossler’s parents are Gregory David and Rebeccca Elizabeth Fossler. Charles’ parents are John Clayton III and Vicki Lynn Charles.

Robert L. Schaeffer, of 108 Snavely Mill Road, Lititz, and Jennifer Lynn Smith, of 2544 Saddle Drive. Schaeffer’s parents are Mildred Lucille Seace and the late Franklin D. Schaeffer. Smith’s parents are Jean D. Schopf and the late Robert C. Smith.

Christopher D. Wedding, of 2100 Red Cedar St., Toms River, N.J., and Christina M. Salvemini, same address. Wedding’s parents are Dave J. and Diane Marie Wedding. Salvemini’s parents are Joseph and Adele Salvemini.

Michael Francis McCullin, of 53 S. Dickens Road, Claymont, Del., and Amie Elisabeth Mrozinski, of 17785 Pimlico Road, Milton, Del. McCullin’s parents are Michael Paul and Susan Lynn McCullin. Mrozinski’s parents are Douglas Ray Mrozinski and Diane Geriland Criniti.

Grant J. Clelan, of 132 Highview Drive, and Emily Ella Harris, same address. Clelan’s parents are Kirk and Amy Clelan. Harris’ parents are Kevin and Jeanne Harris.

Nathan N. Schlegel, of 553 Smokestown Road, Denver, and Amy J. Bawks, of 507 Stonecrest Court, Stevens. Schlegel’s parents are Nevin and Carla Schlegel. Bawks’ parents are Wayne and Gail Bawks.

Joshua Thomas Wertz, of 6096 Wertztown Road, Narvon, and Lynn Ellen Stauffer, of 742 Sunset Ave., Akron. Wertz’s parents are Thomas Edmond Jr. and Cindy Lou Wertz. Stauffer’s parents are Bruce Elliot and Joan Ann Stauffer.

Brandon M. Tezak, of 6 King Court, Elizabethtown, and V. Ashley Woods, same address. Tezak’s parents are Alan P. and Susan G. Tezak. Woods’ parents are Darrell K. and Rebecca L. Woods.

Jason Luke Martin, of 166 Napierville Road, Ephrata, and Kara Rose Martin, of 250 W. Mount Airy Road, Stevens. Jason Martin’s parents are James Shirk and Beverly Ann Martin. Kara Martin’s parents are Marvin Roy and Kendra Sue Martin.

Marcos J. Medina, of 305 Lania Drive, Landisville, and Kathryn Lee Williams, of 721 Southview Drive, Landisville. Medina’s parents are Juan Antonio Sr. and Maria Magdalena Medina. Williams’ parents are Richard Guy and Diane Kathleen White.

Seth Paul Miller, of 28 W. Frederick St., Millersville, and Janelle Renee Roth, of 27 Mary St., Millersville. Miller’s parents are Eric J. and Paula A. Miller. Roth’s parents are Robert C. and Cindy L. Roth.