Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Semir Redzepagic, of 69 Murray Ave., floor 2, Larchmont, N.Y., and Laura Marie Sieger, same address. Redzepagic’s parents are Fadil and Zinaida Redzepagic. Sieger’s parents are David Douglas and Rosemarie Sieger.

Donald Keith Alspaugh, of 1860 Bannister St., York, and Janna Lee Fravel, of 111 Wyneberry Drive, Ephrata. Alspaugh’s parents are Donald H. and Lois Alspaugh. Fravel’s parents are Marvin D. and Janice R. Apple.

Nihad Abbas Hussain Al Zubaidi, of 816 Wisteria Drive, Ephrata, and Daniah Ashraf Muradee, same address. Al Zubaidi’s parents are Abbas Hussain Al Zubaidi and Inam Albdlzeezee Ali. Muradee’s parents are Ashraf Khaleel Muradee and Nade Abdul Ameer Zubaidi.

Brett Ashley Burkett, of 6138 Sundra Circle, East Petersburg, and Kristen Marie Greenawalt, same address. Burkett’s parents are Larry Eugene Burkett and Roberta Ann Bertz. Greenawalt’s parents are Rodney Lee Hibshman and Theresa Gail Grube.

Wesley Steele Thompson, of 9211 Fulton School Road, Felton, and Stephanie Sweeney Pennucci, of 324 Knollwood Road, Millersville. Thompson’s parents are Douglas and Deborah Renee Thompson. Pennucci’s parents are Raymond and Joanna Sweeney.

Harrison Cole Hilsher, of 47 Maytown Ave., Elizabethtown, and Mary Katherine McConnell, same address. Hilsher’s parents are Terry Lee Hilsher and Bernadine Thome. McConnell’s parents are Daryl Kenneth and Janet Lee McConnell.

Thomas Stephen Komir, of 15 S. Pine St., Marietta, and Nicole Rojas Aponte, same address. Komir’s parents are Stephen John and Catherine Neary Komir. Aponte’s parents are Luis Manuel Rojas Pacheco and Xiomara Patricia Aponte Sepulveda.

Michael John Farley, of 151 Cobblestone Lane, and Paige Alexa Kepler, of 353 Harvest Drive, Lititz. Farley’s parents are Kevin Brian Farley and Lisa Marie Theresa Speciale. Kepler’s parents are William Thomas and Ellen Moss Kepler.

Stephen Patrick Zywko, of 514 Park Ave., Apt. 2, and Alicia Marie Laratonda, same address. Zywko’s parents are John and Cheryl Zywko. Laratonda’s parents are Seth Bennett and Melissa Anne Laratonda.

Nicholas Sebastian Timmermans, of 21 S. Third St., P.O. Box 435, Mount Wolf, and Danielle Renee Todd, of 720 Strasburg Pike. Timmermans’ parents are Keith Austin Timmermans and Rebecca Elaine Borge. Todd’s parents are Jeffrey Lee and Dawn Robin Todd.

Wendy Luella Cheesman, of 41 W. Lemon St., No. 507, and Suzette Mullen, same address. Cheesman’s father is David Matson Cheesman. Mullen’s parents are John Joseph and Cecilia Josephine Mullen.

Samuel Richard Habbershon, of 311 E. New St., Lititz, and Sarah Louise Cunliffe,of 405 S. Broad St., Lititz. Habbershon’s parents are Lealan Jacob and Kimberly Ann Habbershon. Cunliffe’s parents are Edward Thompson and Lisa Ann Cunliffe.

Shane Anthony Bechtold, of 8 Price Place, Marietta, and Carli Reeanna Moua, of 231 Huntington Drive, Mountville. Bechtold’s mother is Darlene Hefflefinger. Moua’s parents are Charles Reese and Jane Christine Cress.

Katie Elizabeth Muckel, of 156 Church Ave., Apt. 1, Ephrata, and Denise Lubold, same address. Muckel’s parents are Edward John Muckel and Ruth Reider. Lubold’s parents are Dennis Lubold and Faye Senft.

Nathan Aaron McFarland, of 116 Roselawn Ave., and Emily Joy Sensenig, of 705 Georgetown Road, Ronks. McFarland’s parents are Jeffrey Yale and Wendy Sue McFarland. Sensenig’s parents are Keith Edward and Jennifer Lynn Sensenig.

Galen E. Derr, of 304 Hilldale Road, Pequea, and Holly L. Warfel, same address. Derr’s parents are Charles F. and Grace Derr. Warfel’s parents are Leroy F. and Patricia A. Booth.

Jason Lyle McClune, of 56 Miller Road, Willow Street, and Stephanie Marie Fisher, of same address. McClune’s parents are Terry and Charlotte McClune. Fisher’s parents are Charles Thomas and Julia Abel.

Benjamin Michael White, of 389 N. Barbara St., Apt. 2, Mount Joy, and Calista Gray Stabley, same address. White’s parents are Robert and Rebecca White. Stabley’s parents are Bernard and Patricia Stabley.

Emmanuel Earl Hampton, of 428 Hillside Drive, Mountville, and Mayra Alejandra Vazquez-Rivera, of 642 Beaver St. Hampton’s parents are Errol Adams and Loretta Yorkman. Vazquez-Rivera’s parents are Jorge Vazquez-Suren and Carmen Delia Vazquez.

Miguel Axel Colon Martinez, of 231 Miller Road, Apt. 1, Akron, and Ana Marivi Naveda Arocha, same address. Colon Martinez’s parents are Miguel Angel Colon Velez and Agustina Martinez Correa. Naveda Arocha’s parents are Marcel Ramon Naveda and Ana Ilia Arocha.

Todd Charles Alshouse, of 1817 Old Farm Lane, and Chelsea Elizabeth White, of 6190 Carpenter St., East Petersburg. Alshouse’s parents are David Charles and Renee Marie Alshouse. White’s parents are Carl Eugene and Grace Elizabeth White.

Mark Nathaniel Smeltzer, of 307 W. Fulton St., New Holland, and Aryn Cassidy Burda, 114 E. End Ave., Akron. Smeltzer’s parents are David C. and Adrianne B. Smeltzer. Burda’s parents are David M. and Kelly A. Burda.

Julia E. Marrocco, of 102 Springfield Court, and Dokoda A. Rondeau, same address. Marrocco’s parents are Kermit K. Gehman and Constance L. Stambaugh. Rondeau’s parents are Gregory A. Rondeau and Stacey L. Thomas Rondeau.

Tek Chhetri, of 27B Welsh Drive, and Som Gunrung, same address. Chhetri’s parents are Kuldip and Bishnu M. Chhetri. Gurung’s parents are Dakman and Phul M. Gurung.

Alexander David Wilcox, of 1357 Queen Lane, and Laura Elizabeth Golomb, same address. Wilcox’s parents are David Thomas and Rhonda Juanita Wilcox. Golomb’s parents are Mark Andrew Golomb and Mary Freas Carper.

Joshua Michael Martin, of 1963 Main St., Narvon, and Rebecca Faith Bilger, of 107 Pool Forge Road, East Earl. Martin’s parents are Jonathan Paul and Jolene Beth Martin. Bilger’s parents are Gerald Lee and Rachel Ann Bilger.

Colin Trent Wenger, of 2719 Columbia Ave., and Michele Erin Bollinger, of 105 Farmhouse Lane, Mountville. Wenger’s parents are Sherwin Karl and Carol Marie Wenger. Bollinger’s parents are Michael Lee and Donna Lucille Bollinger.

Jeremiah Todd Stief, of 65 Hossler Road, Manheim, and Jill Burkholder Sullivan, of 3240 Main St., Conestoga. Stief’s mother is Linda Haldeman. Sullivan’s parents are Thomas Scott and Cynthia Gay Burkholder.

Joshua Lee Nixdorf, of 335 Meetinghouse Lane, and Bailey Elaine Ashworth, same address. Nixdorf’s parents are Jerry Lee Nixdorf and Tracey Sheetz. Ashworth’s parents are Tim Walter and Michelle Marie Ashworth.

Edward Harris Ladowski, of 300A Horseshoe Trail Road, Denver, and Ashley Nichole Keener, same address. Ladowski’s father is Edward Harris Ladowski. Keener’s parents are Kevin Lamar Keener and Eileen Marie Vansplinter.

Nathaniel James Melick, of 733 Newport Ave., Gap, and Kaitlyn Elizabeth Miller, same address. Melick’s parents are Kenneth Edward and Rebecca S. Melick. Miller’s parents are Todd Ranck and Kimberly Elizabeth Miller.

Owen Edward Neff, of 527 Royal Tern, Lititz, and Yamile Marie Lozada, same address. Neff’s parents are Mark Edward and Donna Elaine Neff. Lozada’s parents are Jose Yamil Lozada and Maria Valentin-Cruz.

Jose Francisco Urena, of 3 Toboggan Trail, Kinnelon, NJ, and Lauren Alexis Ebersol, same address. Urena’s parents are Jose Angel Urena-Morelos and Sandra Martinez-Rodriguez. Ebersol’s parents are Eli E. and Rufina Lynn Ebersol.

Pasang Wong Chu Sherpa, of 1731 Valley Forge Road, and Lachhi Dolma Tamang, same address. Sherpa’s parents are Fura Suna and Nima Lamu Sherpa. Tamang’s parents are Jit Bahadur and Man Maya Tamang.

Lynn Michael Martin, of 11608 Greencastle Pike, Hagerstown, Md., and Grace Irene Weaver, of 240 Mohns Mill Road, Reinholds. Martin’s parents are Dale Lynn and Rebecca Ruth Martin. Weaver’s parents are Myron and Rachel Weaver.

Michael Jon Rocchino, of 18 Buckwheat Drive, Denver, and Laura E. Lewis, same address. Rocchino’s parents are George Rocchino and Kimberly Reigle. Lewis’ parents are Edward Thomas and Patricia Joann Lewis.

Hans Jacob Weaver, of 26 N. Plum St., and Vanessa Marie Hofer, same address. Weaver’s parents are Scott Weaver and Lynn Sommer. Hofer’s parents are Todd Merlin and Marnette Dorine Hofer.

Matthew Jacob Gage, 627 First St., and Jessica Renae Dueck, of 418 Stevens Road, Stevens. Gage’s parents are Gene Alan and Susan Gage. Dueck’s parents are Gerhard and Bonita Dueck.

Larry Lawrence, of 1735 Old River Road, Marietta, and Nicole Amber Hildebrand, same address. Lawrence’s parents are Larry Lawrence and Sandra Carol Myers. Hildebrand’s parents are Chad Allen and Crystal Anne Hildebrand.

Michael Paul Field, of 540 Walnut St., Apt. 1, Columbia, and Morgan Simone Anderson, same address. Field’s parents are Arthur Samuel and Carol Sue Field. Anderson’s parents are Michael John and Christine Ann Anderson.

Shawn F. Kirkpatrick, of 408 Lincoln Ave., Ephrata, and Tammy L. Hiester, of 158 Westbrooke Drive, Ephrata. Kirkpatrick’s parents are Barry and Sally Kirkpatrick. Hiester’s parents are Paul Douglas and Patricia Ann Hiester.

Matthew Kyle Smith, of 2463 Old Philadelphia Pike, and Emily Denise Glick, same address. Smith’s parents are Jerry Wayne and Mamre Ann Smith. Glick’s parents are Dennis Larue and Laura Anne Glick.

Robert Thomas Lateer, of 755 Nottingham Road, Peach Bottom, and Trisha Lea Coe, same address. Lateer’s parents are Robert Thomas Lateer and Theresa Shannon Slocum. Coe’s parents are Howard Lee and Barbara Lea Miller.

Graham David Walter, of 335 N. Pine St., Middletown, and Devon Nicole Hart, same address. Walter’s parents are Timothy Scott and Carrie Jean Walter. Hart’s parents are Donald Brian Hart and Lynn Katherine Houseman.

Joseph Jacob Meck, of 116 E. Walnut St., Apt. 55, and Danielle Marie Perez, same address. Meck’s parents are Daniel Jay Meck and Clarita Mantolino Nacar. Perez’s parents are Leopoldo Perez and Stella Milanovich.

Kyriakos Nicholas Karoullas, of 420 Alexandria Court, Marietta, and Emma Christine Martin, same address. Karoullas’ parents are Michael and Demetra Karaoullas. Martin’s parents are Douglas Scott Martin and Linda Grace Zercher.

Geoffrey Luke Heller, of 1867 N. Penryn Road, Manheim, and Anna Joelle Brubaker, of 859 Rettew Mill Road, Ephrata. Heller’s parents are George Albert Heller and Eileen Marie Wenger. Brubaker’s parents are John Eric Brubaker and Linda Kay Heisey.

Randy Lee Pierce, of 416 Lakeview Drive, Lititz, and Marilyn Faye Martin, of 170 Clearview Road, Ephrata. Pierce’s parents are Samuel Sylvester and Shirley Marlene Pierce. Martin’s parents are Leroy Good and Anna Horning.

Nicholas Scott Wilson, of 901 Manor St., and Nicole Renae Breiner, same address. Wilson’s parents are Randolph Scott Wilson and Lori Jo Thorne. Breiner’s parents are Timothy Dwayne and Tina Marie Breiner.

Brendan Lyle Good, of 219 Herr Road, Ronks, and Victoria Lynn Malpica, of 7110 River Road, Conestoga. Good’s parents are Kenton and Janelle Good. Malpica’s parents are Oswaldo and Tara Lynn Malpica.

Jared Ray Mylin, of 1127 N. Water St., Unit 1, and Elizabeth Marie Urso, same address. Mylin’s parents are Dennis Raymond and Sharon Lynn Mylin. Urso’s parents are Richard and Nancy Ann Urso.

Eric Gordon Ressler, of 885 W. Penn Grant Road, Willow Street, and Jessica Dawn Jones, same address. Ressler’s parents are Gordon Kent and Debra Ann Ressler. Jones’ parents are Frederick Charles and Linda Lee Suter.

Tyler Christian Wenger, of 230 Fairview Ave., and Karlene Barbara Hess, of 25 Duffield Drive, Lititz. Wenger’s parents are Lonnie Cloyde Wenger and Elaine Marie Zimmerman. Hess’ parents are Richard Lee and Jane Ann Hess.

Michael Beiler, of 5249 Old Strasburg Road, Kinzers, and Rachel Rose Stoltzfus, of 5757 Strasburg Road, Gap. Beiler’s parents are David K. and Barbie Ann Beiler. Stoltzfus’ parents are David Ira and Linda Mae Stoltzfus.

Timothy Dwiandika Horning, of 212 S. Market St., Ephrata, and Lauren Amber Buch, of 143 Akron Road, Ephrata. Horning’s parents are Neil and Estu Horning. Buch’s parents are Jonathan Lee and Kendra Jean Buch.

Budd Thomas Stutzman, of 615 Second St., and Kate Alyssa Rebert, same address. Stutzman’s parents are Jon Thomas and Melanie Stutzman. Rebert’s parents are Eric Alden and Frances Kay Rebert.

Robert Martinez, of 59 Michelle Drive, C12, and Mary Morales, same address. Martinez’s parents are Robert Martinez and Ana Arroyo. Morales’ parents are Pedro A. Lebron and Laura E. Del Valle.

Norman Lynn Ebersole, of 753 Pinker Road, Mount Joy, and Elizabeth Gayle Wolgemuth, of 808 Pinker Road, Mount Joy. Ebersole’s parents are Norman Joseph and June Carolyn Ebersole. Wolgemuth’s parents are Robert M. and Gayle Anita Sayre.

Michael Wayne Nauman,of 1120 Sunwood Lane, and Karen Patricia Lynn, same address. Nauman’s parents are Warren David and Janet Elizabeth Nauman. Lynn’s parents are Patrick Lynn and Joyce Crawford.

Adam Thomas Zalewski, of 3831 Arbor Green Way, Apt. 927, Indianapolis, Ind., and Hannah Grace Weidner, same address. Zalewski’s parents are Thomas Raymond Zalewski and Kimberly Anne Muschlitz. Weidner’s parents are Troy Franklin Weidner and Amy Jean Wertman.

Steven Scott Lesher, of 19 Old Post Lane, Lititz, and Nancy Ann Wakeman, same address. Lesher’s parents are Robert Henry and Joyce Elaine Lesher. Wakeman’s parents are Robert Ernest and Lorraine Yvonne Johnson.

Adam Bahsir-Ramzi Maqboul, of 737 Buttonwood Drive, Springfield, and Kristie Rose Resnick, same address. Maqboul’s parents are Ramzi and Michelle Maqboul. Resnick’s parents are Patrick Joseph and Dianna Torri Resnick.

Daniel Stayer, of 1655 Distillery Road, Glen Rock, and Jordann Beach, of 459 Frederick Drive, Dallastown. Stayer’s parents are Thomas and Gay Stayer. Beach’s parents are Neil and Rachelle Beach.

Kyle Brent Anderson, of 37 Edgewood Drive, Lititz, and Valerie Anne Lacerra, same address. Anderson’s parents are Peter and Barbara Anderson. Lacerra’s parents are Richard Lacerra and Angela Colley.

Brian Harold Sosa, of 220 Stone Mill Road, D081, and Chairaliz Ivette Diaz Reyes, same address. Sosa’s parents are Juan Pablo Duarte and Beatriz Xiomara Sosa. Diaz Reyes’ parents mother is Yolanda Reyes Acevedo.

Shaun Thomas Shahan, of 818 State St., and Chaning Elisa Wimer, same address. Shahan’s parents are Blaine Thomas and Dawn Rae Shahan. Wimer’s parents are Dean Walter Wimer and Shirley Ann Diaz.

Anthony Joseph Goodling, of 106 E. Oregon Road, Lititz, and Kelly Nicole Melisurgo, same address. Goodling’s parents are Joseph Anthony and Leslie Kay Goodling. Meslisurgo’s parents are Leonard and Margaret Mary Meslisurgo.

Alexander Lewis Richmond, of 488 Hillside Drive, Mountville, and Sarah Jean Walleigh, same address. Richmond’s parents are Robert E. and Karen Lewis Richmond. Walleigh’s parents are Robert Lee and Mary Ann Walleigh.

David Hernandez, of 2974 Tiffany Drive, Lititz, and Orliris Negron Perez, same address. Hernandez’s parents are David Hernandez Caban and Maria Elena Cortes Babilonia. Negron Perez’s parents are Orlando Negron Soto and Iris Socorro Perez Ocasio.