Marriage Licenses

The following have recorded their marriages in Lancaster County Courthouse:

Robert J. Fisher, of 415 N. Charlotte St., and Katlynn Margaret Mathis, same address. Fisher’s parents are Dallas Raymond Fisher and Sarah Paine Young Fisher. Mathis’ parents are John Richard and Mary Ann Mathis.

Brock Jacob Moyer, of 59 Circle Drive, Ephrata, and Hannah Brooke Moyer, of 412 Buttercup Drive, Ephrata. Brock Moyer’s parents are Durrell Eugene and Heidi Lynn Moyer. Hannah Moyer’s parents are Kelly Dion and Lisa Dawn Moyer.

Jonathan Patrick Goodwin, of 1830 Spring Ridge Lane, and Emily Anne Grap, same address. Goodwin’s parents are John Eric and Mary Frances Goodwin. Grap’s parents are James William and Mary Catherine Grap.

Matthew Allen Funk, of 1175 Letort Road, Conestoga, and Savannah Joy Garber, same address. Funk’s parents are Richard A. and Joyce E. Funk. Garber’s parents are Jay A. and Jill A. Garber.

Andrew Bryce Huber, of 330 E. Marion St., Lititz, and Paige Nicole Burke, of 162 Knollwood Drive. Huber’s parents are Rodney Lee and Melissa Renee Huber. Burke’s parents are Robert and Christine Byrne.

Brett Kenneth Barber, of 485 Royer Drive, Apt. 314, and Leah Janae Rutt, of 32 Knollwood Drive. Barber’s parents are Kenneth Follmer and Dawn Jeanette Barber. Rutt’s parents are Jeffrey Clayton and Suzanne Kay Rutt.

Adam John Morris, of 426 Honeysuckle Drive , Marietta, and Christin Marie Binkle, same address. Morris’ parents are Richard Alan Morris and Andrea Fletcher Davis. Binkle’s parents are Cathy Ann and Ronald Eugene Vallati.

Carol Stephanny Reina, of 408 South West End Ave., and Roberta Chardulo Dias de Andrade, same address. Reina’s parents are William Reina Rivera and Adriana Aguirre Aponte. Chardulo dias de Andrade’s parents are Ricardo Dias de Andrade and Maria Teresa Loyola Chardulo Dias Andrade.

Kyle Kenneth Brown, of 6753 Elizabethtown Road, Manheim, and Jamie Elizabeth Kline, same address. Brown’s parents are Harry Kenneth and Brandi Lee Brown. Kline’s parents are Daniel Franz and Debra Marie Kline.

Foster Lewis Clark, of 714 Steinman Drive, and Jennifer Rose Mulvaney, same address. Clark’s parents are Susan Gail Burlingame and Neil Ross Clalrk. Mulvaney’s parents are James Michael Mulvaney and Carol Lundon.

Dylan Cutler Smith, of 103 Raven Crest, Pequea, and Abigail Grace Laukhuff, of 146 Old Holtwood Road, Holtwood. Smith’s parents are Evan Cutler and Erin Marie Smith. Laukhuff’s parents are Joseph Edward and Sherry Lee Laukhuff.

John Arthur Williamson, of 286 W. Main St., Reinholds, and Kelly Marie Kreider, same address. Williamson’s parents are John Arthur Williamson and Sharon Kay Pringle. Kreider’s parents are Donald Lloyd Schmehl and Charlene May Emerick.

Phillip Leslie Thomas, of 6 E. Main St., B, Strasburg, and Alyssa Marie Fesefeldt, same address. Thomas’ parents are Bridgette Merricks and Phillip Thomas. Fesefeldt’s parents are Tina Pacheco and Robert Fesesfeldt.

Philip Ashton Woffindin, of 17 Welsh Drive, Apt. A, and Donna Lee Schilke, of 533 W. Chestnut St., Apt. 4. Woffindin’s parents are Samuel Edwin and Ruth Magdalene Woffindin. Schilke’s parents are J. George Schilke and Miriam S. Nichols.

Gary Matthew Small, of 112 Main St., P.O. Box 33, Refton, and Brittany Noel Rasley, same address. Small’s parents are Kevin Francis and Candee Murray Studer. Rasley’s parents are Woodrow and Cheryl Joel Baldwin.

Victor Manuel Garday Allende, of 12 Horseshoe Drive, Ephrata, and Zulma Rocio Flores Cruz, same address. Garday Allende’s parents are Gregorio Garday and Victoria de las Mercedes Allende Soto. Flores Cruz’s parents are Romulo Segundo Flores Principe and Victoria Lucinda Cruz Chinchay.

Clinton M. Garman, of 103 Lincoln Ave., Ephrata, and Amanda Nicole Gingrich, of 1221 E. Newport Road, Lititz. Garman’s parents are Gerald and Carol Garman. Gingrich’s parents are Bruce and Jalisa Gingrich.

Matthew Christopher Koch, of 295 Route 47, South Lot 17, Cape May Court House, N.J., and Theresa Lynn Tasch, same address. Koch’s parents are Frederick Paul Koch and Margaret Amelia McGrory. Tasch’s mother is Maria Elena Tasch.

Luke Jeremiah Trimble, of 240 E. King St., Apt. 2, and Andrew William Charney, same address. Trimble’s parents are Marshall Martin and Angela Marie Trimble. Charney’s parents are William Andrew and Mollie Van Charney.

Damian M. Himpsl, of 80 Spring Hill Lane, Mountville, and Courtney Jillian Restermayer, same address. Himpsl’s parents are Thomas and Teresa A. Himpsl. Restermayer’s parents are James C. Restermayer and Nancy A. Rice.

Jonathan Daniel Hurst, of 508 E. Chestnut St., and Amy Christine Stoltzfus, of 95 Magnolia Drive, Leola. Hurst’s parents are Wilmer Martin and Evelyn Kay Hurst. Stoltzfus’ parents are Terry Lee and Margaret Louise Stoltzfus.

Jason Alexander Lowry, of 542 E. Delp Road, and Jill Weaver, same address. Lowry’s parents are Paul Jason and Debra Ann Lowry. Weaver’s parents are John William Weaver and Sharon Means.

Edward Wilbert Johnson, of 206 E. Main St., Apt. 2, Mount Joy, and Samantha Phan Thaing, same address. Johnson’s parents are Edward Wilbert and Carmen Deanner Johnson. Thaing’s parents are Rith Thaing and Tra Hun.

Markeem L. Zink, of 623 Lehigh Ave., and Jasmine A. Harris, same address. Zink’s parents are Mark S. Jones and Anna Baker. Harris’ mother is Dorothy B. Kohler.

Rene Xamier Moret Morales, of 28 N. Second St., P. O. Box 22, Bainbridge, and Shalimar Vazquez Dones, same address. Moret Morales’ parents are Rene Gualberto Moret Velazquez and Cynthia Ada Morales Westerband. Vazquez Dones’ parents are Luis Antonio Vazquez Rivera and Edda Ivelisse Dones Diaz.

Anthony Lee Wiker, of 1454 Banner Drive, and Jody Lynn Norton, of 532 Hamilton St. Wiker’s parents are Joseph James and Peggy Virginia WIker. Norton’s parents are William Park Norton and Martha Elizabeth Faucett.

Jay Robert Hernley, of 2063 Shady Oak Drive, Mount Joy, and Justyna Lynn Pepkowski, same address. Hernley’s parents are Dale Robert and Lois Fay Hernley. Pepkowski’s parents are John Steven and Wendy Sue Pepkowski.

Ozvaldo Elizer Garcia-Nunn, of 84D Sassafrass Alley, Mount Joy, and Taylor Ashlynn Hostetter, same address. Garcia-Nunn’s parents are Shawn Dean and Shanna Lee Hostetter. Garcia-Nunn’s parents are Osvaldo Elizer Garcia and Doritta Goldie Nunn.

Sael David Alvarez-Retamar, of 1726 Judie Lane, Apt. D, and Jade Avery Groff, same address. Alvarez-Retamar’s parents are Saul Alvarez-Medina and Brenda L. Retamar. Groff’s parents are Douglas Ray Groff and Monica L. Ormes.

Philip Harlan Taylor, of 2661 Wood Lane, Morgantown, and Veronika Kozubovska, same address. Taylor’s parents are Loren Robert and Susan Harlan Taylor. Kozubovska’s parents are Vladislav Vitalievich Kozubovskyi and Yuuliia Nikolaevna Kozubovska.

Tyler Scot Burkhart, of 424 W. James St., and Abigail Ruth Foster, same address. Burkhart’s parents are Glenn Metzler and Janice Louise Burkhart. Foster’s parents are Gregory Lee and Carolyn Marie Foster.

Todd C. Bymoen, of 435 Eighth Ave., SE, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, and Mandi Elaine Wissler, of 351 Bridge Valley Road, Pequea. Bymoen’s parents are Calvin Bymoen and Connie Rayner. Wissler’s parents are James Arthur and Priscilla Elaine Wissler.

James Burkholder Wenger, of 843 Junction Road, Manheim, Jewel Marie Boyle, of 3043 Steinruck Road, Elizabethown. Wenger’s parents are Clarence Martin and Mary W. Wenger. Boyle’s parents are Noah Francis and Gloria Jean Boyle.

Nabil Ahmmed Mansour, of 446 N. DukeSt., 1R, and Makenzie Ann Beiler, same address. Mansour’s parents are Ahmed Nasr and Hedia Mohmed. Beiler’s parents are David John Beiler and Karen Leigh Cooper.

Christopher W. Drumm, of 10 Oak Lane, Willow Street, and Alexis Ruth Marie Smith, same address. Drumm’s parents are Martyn David Edward and Marcella Marie Drumm. Smith’s parents are David John and Kim Marie Clark.

Kevin David Snader, of 45 N. Charlotte St., Manheim, and Kelsey Nicole Wagner, same address. Snader’s parents are David Lee and Joy Louann Snader. Wagner’s parents are Luther Merle Wagner and Tracy Elizabeth Fisher.